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New Tempo Program Offers Move Smart Home Gym & One-on-One Fitness Coaching for $59/m

New Tempo Program Offers Move Smart Home Gym & One-on-One Fitness Coaching for $59/m

The connected fitness company is looking to make at-home fitness more accessible and lower the cost barrier for fitness consumers

Tempo, a connected fitness company, has announced a new membership program that aims to democratize fitness. The new $59 monthly program includes the Tempo Move smart home gym with one-on-one fitness coaching and thousands of on-demand and live classes.

The home gym company raised $220 million in 2021 in a Series C funding round.

According to Tempo, the transition to a single monthly membership fee frees Tempo members from long-term commitments, allowing them flexibility as their fitness goals change. The new Tempo program also provides a low initial upfront cost, which Tempo says lowers the barrier to entry for many at-home fitness enthusiasts. 

“The home fitness industry historically has neglected the vast majority of consumers who can’t pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy equipment on top of monthly subscription fees,” said Moawia Eldeeb, CEO and Co-Founder of Tempo. “We believe that fitness is for everyone – no matter your experience level, body type or budget, and our new membership program supports our mission of giving everyone the power to realize their strength and lead active, healthy lives.”


Members who join Tempo won’t have to purchase any fitness equipment. Instead, new members will receive a Tempo Move, a compact smart home gym. The Tempo Move includes a stylish weight storage cabinet available in white or black, adjustable dumbbells, plates, portable iPhone dock, and an HDMI cable. To use the smart home gym, Tempo members need an iPhone XR or newer and a TV or display with an HDMI port. 

The Tempo Move tracks movement and provides real-time form feedback using 3D sensor technology and the iPhone camera. The sensors can count reps and recommend weights.

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Tempo’s One-on-One Fitness Coaching pairs members with a certified trainer who develops personalized programs and provides motivation. During a virtual consultation, members can select a fitness coach and discuss their specific needs. Tempo members will then receive recommendations via in-app check-ins or video meetings on a regular basis. Fitness coaches can also monitor class progress and class selection, adjust plans, and provide ongoing motivation.

San Francisco-based Tempo says that following a three-month One-on-One Fitness Coaching beta test, 70% of its members who participated reported working out more frequently and achieving better results, and 89% had a “better understanding” of how to use the fitness system to meet fitness goals.

Current members who own their Tempo equipment can upgrade their membership to include One-on-One Fitness Coaching.

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