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How Does it Feel? Internet Searches in the UK for Stress Surged After the Holidays

How Does it Feel? Internet Searches in the UK for Stress Surged After the Holidays

UK Stress Searches Graph Jan 26 2023
A study from shows Great Britons are experiencing higher-than-normal levels of stress, due to several reasons many around the world can relate to. However, cannabidiol product company Simply CBD shares some valuable tips on how to lower stress using simple and enjoyable techniques.

Many people feel stress leading into, during, and after the holidays, but following the 2022 holiday season, more individuals in the UK appear to have experienced higher levels of anxiety heading into the new year.  

According to JournoResearch,org, Internet searches for “how to stop stress” increased 920 percent well into January 16, also known as “Blue Monday” — “the most depressing day of the year.” Those living in the UK also typed search topics online such as “reduce stress” and “is stress normal” which both gained a respective 216 percent and 635 percent increase on the Web within the past month. 

To help quell the UK population’s concerns (food inflation, workplace stress, war in Ukraine, for example) which have aggravated this current climate of worry, Simply CBD has disclosed some advice how anyone, whether in the UK or not, can reduce stress on a weekly basis. 

The first tip is taking steps of self-care, no matter how small the action may seem. Taking a hot bath or shower, lighting candles while listening to a meditation podcast or simply putting on a face mask are all suggestions the UK-based CBD experts believe are beneficial without having to spend a ton of money. 

Exercise is also key to lowering stress levels and the workout doesn’t have to be stressful in and of itself. Nature walks, low intensity workouts like Pilates and Yoga, and working out at home with an online class can release endorphins and stress within the body while boosting confidence as well. 

Listening to music and experimenting with hobbies also top Simply CBD’s list of stress relieving activities. Pumping up the volume on your favorite tracks not only reduces anxiety and blood pressure, but also improves the quality of one’s sleep and memory. It’s also proven to be an optimal way to express yourself by dancing along! Hobbies — think crafting, playing with Legos, crossword puzzles, journaling, and spending time at the beach, to name a few — are “a great distraction and can be the perfect way to relax and forget about the stresses of everyday life,” says Simply CBD. 

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Lastly, staying off of social media is encouraged as a way to bring in more joy. “…keeping so up to date and caught up on social media can sometimes be exhausting and lead to unhealthy comparisons,” Simply CBD declares. The CBD company states reading, taking a nap, and spending time with family, friends, and pets in real life are all valuable ways to spend time away from technology and towards better mental health

Blue Monday has come and gone, but high levels of stress does not have to linger on, as Simply CBD provides a number of achievable methods to embark towards a low-stress life.

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