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Strava Sets Things Straight

Strava Sets Things Straight

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The fitness app says it’s not going anywhere

As news circled regarding the departure of Michael Horvath, co-founder & CEO of Strava, the fitness-centered software company has taken to social media to set the record straight.

Strava, which conducted a round of layoffs at the end of 2022, impacting roughly 40 employees, doubled down on Horvath remaining on board until it found a new CEO.

While Horvath announced his planned exit on Strava’s blog, it’s not the first time he’s left the company. He departed Strava in 2013 and rejoined in 2019. Horvarth founded the company in 2009 alongside Mark Gainey, looking to grow a community of active fitness enthusiasts. 

In an open letter to the Strava community, Horvath wrote that he has great confidence in the brand but stated that part of his job is to ensure the company supports the right leaders “for the right times.”

He confirmed that he is “still at the helm” until Strava completes its search for a new CEO and will continue serving as a board member. 

As concern for Strava has grown with the news, the fitness app pointed out some positive highlights while promising to deliver for its members.

“There’s been some noise about Strava. We’re going to take a minute to set things straight,” the brand posted on LinkedIn.

The message continued:

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  • We’re building the best subscription for active people and 100% committed to staying there, growing on par to faster than any company in our space.
  • While we missed some communication recently, people are voting with their actions. Despite what you read, our numbers continue to move in the right direction.
  • One of the healthiest subscription businesses on the internet. Three years of profitability; our plan is to still be building for you in 100 years.
  • Did it all without polluting the experience with banners, pop-ups and noise.
  • Doubled team size in past two years; grew a bit too quickly; had to reduce by 14 percent in December; incredibly hard but necessary.
  • Founder led for 14 years. Still founder led. Michael is CEO until he finds the leader for our next chapter. Mark and Michael will continue to be your champions as board members.
  • New acquisitions have set Strava up to provide the best map for the outdoors; the fun is just starting.
  • Strava is for anyone who moves. Since 2022 we’ve added 17 new sports types. They are now some of our fastest growing communities.

In closing, the post read: “We’ve got your back. See you on the road, the trails, the water, the courts, and in the gym. Wherever you move. We’re not going anywhere.”

Strava has been criticized for its price increase for the first time in over a decade and for how the news was delivered. 

The brand recently acquired FATMAP, a European company known for its 3D mapping technology, and Strava says its users can look forward to a new mapping experience once FATMAP’s 3D mapping technology has been integrated into the platform. 

Anita Patwardhan Butler was recently appointed as Strava’s first Chief Design Officer, where she will oversee design and innovation, including brand and marketing design, product design, research, and content design.

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