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Enjoying the Great Outdoors Just Got Better with Strava’s Latest Purchase, FATMAP

Enjoying the Great Outdoors Just Got Better with Strava’s Latest Purchase, FATMAP

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Connected fitness subscription app Strava has added FATMAP to its portfolio. Strava’s latest purchase indicates the company’s commitment to encouraging active lifestyles and exercise outdoors.

Nearly one year after Strava CEO and co-founder Michael Horvath predicted outdoor fitness activities such as hiking and walking taking off as trends, the fitness app has acquired mountain sports app FATMAP. With Strava now at the helm, the 3D map and guides platform will continue to provide users with the very best in navigating outdoor adventures with the help of its one-of-a-kind digital technology. Hiking trails will continue to be discovered and steep terrains for bikers and mountaineers safely explored, thanks to Strava’s investment in FATMAP’s guidebooks and “cutting-edge technologies.”

In a press release statement, Horvath explained, “In 2022, nearly 10 million routes were saved and recommended by active individuals around the world on Strava. Maps and tools are powerful unlocks to deliver daily value and motivate our active community. We have a shared vision with FATMAP to inspire more people to move by empowering them to discover and experience the joy of outdoors. For us, the opportunity to reimagine the purpose of maps and how they inspire exploration is an outsized advantage for a differentiated outdoor experience.” 

One of FATMAP’s most noteworthy features is one’s ability to use the app’s technology without being connected to a cellular network. Aside from being touted as the number one app for mountain sports, FATMAP, according to co-founder Misha Gopaul, makes “outdoor experiences more accessible.” With Strava’s purchase of the app, FATMAP is projected to offer even more appealing feature options than before.   

“Where other map platforms have been designed for navigating streets and cities, we wanted to build a map designed specifically to help people explore. Joining forces with Strava opens up new exciting possibilities and will accelerate our progress to enable millions more people to explore the world’s wild places, safely and sustainably,” stated Gopaul.    

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Strava was founded in 2009 and has since grown to welcome over 400 international employees and seven global offices, nearly 10 billion Kudos given, and up to 40 million uploaded activities on a weekly basis. In May 2002, the company acquired runner prehabilitation app Recover Athletics.

More information on how to sign up for a free subscription trial of Strava and learn more about FATMAP in the process is available on

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