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Recovery Day: SISSFiT’s Lauren Reid is on a Mission

Recovery Day: SISSFiT’s Lauren Reid is on a Mission

The former D1 Track & Field athlete believes there’s an inner athlete inside of every individual

Lauren Collins-Reid is half of the heart of SISSFiT, which refers to sisters and stands for Stay Inspired, Stay Strong. Reid is a former D1 Track and Field athlete, trainer, sports model, wife, mom, and co-founder of the SISSFiT brand with her sister, Kelly Collins. The two California-born athletes encourage, educate, and inspire women to live stronger and healthier lifestyles.

Lauren began her athletic career as a competitive gymnast before transitioning to track and field in high school – and never looked back. Lauren says her goal as a trainer is to bring out the inner athlete in everyone she trains. The brand launched an app, Faster by SISSFIT, which offers audio-coached HIIT workouts.

Athletech News caught up with Lauren and talked about fitness trackers, recovering from injuries, the importance of sleep, and finding a balance.

Athletech News (ATN): How do you start your day?

Lauren Reid: If I’m not getting up for an early morning workout then I like to wake up 30 minutes before the rest of my family for quiet time: prayers, an oat milk latte, and either a Perfect Bar, G2G bar or GoMacro bar.

ATN: When can you actually relax?

Lauren Reid: It can be hard for me to relax at home because there’s always something to do, especially with two toddlers. Our family has a house along the Colorado River and that’s definitely our “happy place” so I find it pretty easy to relax when I’m out there. 

ATN: How many days do you work out?

Lauren Reid: 5-6 and I always take at least one day fully off.

ATN: What do you do on your “off” day?

Lauren Reid: My off day is typically Sunday, and I love a good family day to slow down. Saturdays tend to be busy with sports and commitments, so it’s nice to go for a walk to our local bagel shop, have a pool day, bbq, go to church, and just gear up for the week ahead.

ATN: When you are injured, how do you manage your inability to workout?

Lauren Reid: Ohhh, injuries I’ve dealt with plenty, as I know most athletes have, and they can be so frustrating. If I’m able to work around the injury by cross training using other modalities – pool, bike, elliptical, upper or lower body lifting, I will always do that first. Exercise is my sanity and I’m not afraid to mix up my routine.

Lauren Reid and sister Kelly Collins

My sister Kelly and I actually started our business, SISSFiT, where we offer workouts that adapt to these different modalities so that we always have a go-to, no matter what. After years of having to improvise due to injuries, it’s nice to have a hub of workout options. If I’m fully unable to workout, such as when I was on bedrest for a short time during one of my pregnancies, then I will take that time to focus more heavily on proper nutrition and do my best to learn something new or take on a new certification to distract my mind and still focus on health goals.

ATN: How much sleep do you get? 

Lauren Reid: I need at least 7-8 hours per night. My goal is 9:30pm – 6:15am, if I can. Sleep is one of my non-negotiables. Everything is harder without sleep!

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ATN: Yes or No to fitness trackers? Data friend or enemy?

Lauren Reid: I love data. My sis makes fun of me all the time for wearing both a Fitbit and a Whoop band. Sometimes I consider ditching them altogether because I know that I know my body better than any tracker, but I still love checking the data.

ATN: How healthy are you really?

Lauren Reid: I would like to think I’m pretty healthy. I love a glass of wine and chocolate, and won’t shy away from treats or nights out, but I hate the way I feel when I eat poorly for too long. That said, I’m also terrible about cooking/meal prepping so it’s key for me to find quick and easy go-to’s like loaded salads, sandwiches, overnight oats, egg breakfasts, salmon or turkey burgers, etc. 

ATN: Coffee or Tea? 

Lauren Reid: I live for my one cup of morning coffee with frothed oat milk.

ATN: What are some of your greatest indulgences?

Lauren Reid: It’s pretty boring and simple, but honestly, my greatest indulgences are really just listening to what my body/mind needs and treating them well. If I’m tired, I rest, if I need more sleep, I do my best to prioritize it, if I feel sluggish, I aim to eat healthier, if I want to indulge, I go for it. I’ve found this to help me stay consistent and not need big, expensive, time consuming things. But, I do also find huge value in getting away for girls weekends/wine nights, weekends with my husband, and just disconnecting now and again.

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