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Pyvot: A New Approach to Functional Apparel

Pyvot: A New Approach to Functional Apparel

Today, Pyvot® launched a new premium-weighted apparel collection, including vests, jackets, and scarves. Consumers can bring the benefits of its patent-pending designs to their everyday lives and workouts. Three years in the making, Pyvot represents a new venture into functional apparel for fitness and wellness.

Pyvot was inspired by the rise in popularity of the weighted blanket, and was designed for consumers to make the most of their everyday routines. The garments have hidden glass micro-pearls distributed throughout for added resistance. While functional, the apparel is also fashionable, with sleek designs. With men’s and women’s clothing ranging from vests to long-sleeve jackets, Pyvot was created for versatility.

Founder and CEO Adam Levinsohn spent years testing and refining the design for Pyvot. “It took three years to perfect its weight distribution,” Levinsohn remarked. With the hidden added weight ranging from 4.5 pounds to 7.5 pounds, depending on gender and size, Pyvot’s pieces provide the right resistance for different body types.

For athletic pursuits, Pyvot’s weighted technology can help build muscle mass and strengthen one’s core during day-to-day activities or during workouts. It can amplify cardio activities, like running, cycling, and hiking. As strength workouts have been proven to improve bone health, Pyvot’s garments are an easy way to add extra resistance to prevent diseases like osteoporosis.


Not only do the pieces provide extra resistance for workouts, but they can provide calm, similar to the function of a weighted blanket. Clinical research has suggested that weighted technology can reduce anxiety, ADHD, and sleep disorders. Pyvot’s mission is to bring that concept to everyday, on-the-go life. In addition, Pyvot’s clothing can also help to improve posture due to its weight distribution. The hidden micro-pearls are positioned to conform to one’s body to assure easy of movement, balance and comfort. 

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Pyvot’s goal is to bring the functionality of weighted blankets and wearable resistance to everyday life. With its sleek designs and revolutionary technology, Pyvot’s launch breaks new ground in the functional fitness apparel space.

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