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Momentous Gets $32M To Expand Human Performance Supplements

Momentous Gets $32M To Expand Human Performance Supplements

Humble Growth has acquired a significant minority stake in Momentous, the ‘human performance’ brand led by former NFL player Jeff Byers

Humble Growth, a consumer-focused investment firm concentrating on disruptive wellness brands in the food, beverage, health, beauty, vitamins, supplements and apparel space, has acquired a significant minority stake in Momentous, a fast-growing human performance and nutrition company. The deal is worth $32 million, Athletech News has learned.

The strategic partnership sees Momentous co-founders Jeff Byers and Erica Good continuing to lead the company together as CEO and president, respectively. Last year, the Park City, Utah-based brand tripled its revenue from 2022 and projects to double its revenue again this year. 

Next up, Momentous plans to open a new Los Angeles-based headquarters, grow its staff and advance the customer experience of its DTC model.

credit: Momentous

The human performance brand recently released an updated version of its website, allowing consumers to explore products based on their desired “pillar of performance” — such as cognitive function, sleep, athletic performance, foundational health and hormone support.

The timing is ideal, as Americans are eagerly spending hard-earned dollars on vitamins and supplements, especially those in the performance, recovery and mood genres.

NY-based Humble Growth, led by RxBar co-founder Peter Rahal, debuted a $312 million fund last fall, with a who’s who list of investors including Nestlé Health Science, Verlinvest, BodyArmor co-founder Mike Repole, Stonyfield Farm founder and CEO Gary Hirshberg, IT Cosmetics co-founder Paulo Lima and Ainsworth Pet Nutrition founder Sean Lang.

Not Your Traditional Supplement Brand

Aligned with Humble Growth’s mission to partner with entrepreneurs and brands promoting health and wellness, Momentous was launched in 2018 to offer high-quality, science-backed products (seven of which tout the Informed-Sport certification) to meet the needs of elite performers.

Human performance is an area that Byers knows well as a former NFL offensive lineman. After retiring from the NFL, the Momentous CEO became aware of a major gap in the supplement space. He first launched Amp Human, creating the brand’s popular PR Lotion product before acquiring the Momentous brand in 2021 and merging it into the company.

Instead of marketing gimmicks, Byers’ approach to supplements is to rewrite the current industry script with an expert approach, tapping the talent of Dr. Andrew Huberman, Dr. Andy Galpin and other health and wellness practitioners. 

“Supplements to me have a weird connotation, so our goal is to build the ‘anti-supplement supplement company,'” he told ATN in an exclusive interview last year. “We want to be your trusted partner in life optimization.”

Momentous co-founders Erica Good and Jeff Byers (credit: Momentous)

As part of being a trusted partner, Momentous is listening — and delivering. With its finger on the pulse of consumer desires, the company will launch a pre-workout later this year that has been in development for years and includes Department of Defense research funding.

“Our goal was to develop a pre-workout formula that delivers cognitive and physical performance benefits but without synthetic sources of caffeine or stimulants, and we’re excited to bring this product to our customers who have been asking for it,” Byers said.

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The brand also plans to introduce additional products that are geared toward the needs of women.

From the NFL to Consumers

Passionate about targeting “mindset” consumers who seek quality products to optimize their health and performance, Byers’ position has led Momentous to secure nearly 200 pro and college sports teams partnerships, including a deal to create a custom recovery product for an NFL team, along with millions worth of innovation contracts with the Department of Defense.

The brand has also attracted pro athlete shareholders such as NFL Pro Bowlers Luke Kuechly, Kyle Rudolph, and Ndamukong Suh, former professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek, Ironman Champion Lucy Charles-Barclay and more. 

Byers remarked that joining with Humble Growth on the heels of exponentially growing Momentous will mean an upward trajectory for the brand, which has also earned the title of Official Supplements and Sports Nutrition Partner of CrossFit and the CrossFit Games.

“We were immediately drawn to Humble Growth and its partners’ exceptional track record in successfully operating and scaling nutrition and supplement companies,” Byers said. “Their lived experience positions them as invaluable thought partners during our continued growth, and I’m confident that Humble Growth’s passion and expertise for consumer products in this space is going to usher us into an exciting new chapter.”

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