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Celeb-Backed Absorption Company Aims To Change the Supplement Game

Celeb-Backed Absorption Company Aims To Change the Supplement Game

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are out to disrupt the $177 billion supplement industry with a line of highly bioavailable products

Actors Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed have launched The Absorption Company, a powdered supplement brand that aims to elevate the bioavailability of nutrients by up to 500%. Launched with Zeke Bronfman and Nate Medow along with Somerhalder and Reed, the company has already enjoyed a successful pre-launch at Erewhon, the famous grocer in Los Angeles, and is now available nationwide. 

“Since I was a kid, health, wellness, and natural solutions have been a huge part of my life,” Somerhalder told Athletech News. “My mother always said that to have great output, you must have great input, and that especially applies to what we put in our bodies. As I got older and my professional life got busier – from taking over 100 flights a year to working 18-hour days on set – I was always looking for natural solutions, not only to keep me feeling my best but functioning at my best.”

Once Somerhalder and Reed became parents, they completed bloodwork and were shocked by the results. Somerhalder discovered high levels of arsenic, lead and toxic folic acid in his system.

“It was then we realized that not only were the supplements we had been taking ineffective, but they were actually doing more harm than good. So many of us are simply not able to detox what we are putting into our bodies fast enough,” Somerhalder shared. “That was the ‘a-ha’ moment. People are spending billions of dollars per year of their hard-earned money on supplements that aren’t safe or effective and the industry is completely unregulated.”

“We wanted to create a brand that addressed these challenges and lead by example in the hopes that others would follow suit,” he added.

The couple spent years working with scientists, nutritionists and pharmacists to develop The Absorption Company. The products work through a proprietary delivery system designed for liposomal absorption. They address four critical areas: Restore, Calm, Energy and Sleep.

credit: The Absorption Company

The supplements use Capsoil technology, which was created by scientists from Hebrew University to reduce oil-based active ingredients into nanoparticles that increase surface area and improve powdered product format efficiency. Each Absorption Company batch is third-party tested.

“There are two main issues that no one is really talking about. First, traditional supplements have very low absorption rates due to their large particle size and harsh gut environment,” Somerhalder explained. “Second, since the FDA deregulated supplement oversight in 1994 there has been little visibility into what is actually going into products, so there is truly no way to know what you are taking and the quality of the ingredients.”

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By using the proprietary Capsoil technology, Somerhalder said The Absorption Company supplements are the first-ever water-soluble delivery system for liposomal nutrients proven to increase bioavailability by up to 500%. By only using certified ingredients and testing and retesting every single batch, there are no contaminants in the products.

The supplement market was worth nearly $177 billion in 2023; The Absorption Company is hoping to disrupt the current ways of doing business with its new approach. The brand’s products are now available for purchase online and at Erewhon in Los Angeles.  

The Absorption Company also has its eye on retail expansion after its launch in Erewhon last month.  

“Our goal is to make products that consumers need and deserve,” Somerhalder said. “Our company is rooted in efficacy, transparency and authenticity, and I hope that this empowers people to do their own research and be objective.”

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