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Can Movano Gain Market Share With Evie Ring for Women’s Health?

Can Movano Gain Market Share With Evie Ring for Women’s Health?

The Evie Ring from Movano Health allows users to track mood and menstrual symptoms, and can estimate periods and ovulation

Movano Health has begun taking orders for its Evie Ring, a unique smart ring with women’s health in mind.

While wearable tech has made numerous advancements in recent years, the Evie Ring, $269, is centered on women so they can track and analyze their health and fitness while recognizing that their biomarkers are different from those of men.

Unlike many other wearables, the Evie Ring touts zero additional subscription fees or monthly costs. Ring orders will ship in January 2024.

The latest product comes as Movano Health recently closed a $4.1 million public offering of 4,870,600 shares of its common stock.

The health tech company plans to use the net proceeds for general corporate purposes, which Movano Health says may include funding product development and commercialization activities.

“We believe we’ve set the stage for the successful introduction of Evie into the market on November 20 and are excited to embark on this new phase of our journey as we shift from pre-revenue to a revenue-generating company,” said John Mastrototaro, CEO of Movano Health. 

The Evie Ring uses biometric sensors to track sleep stages and duration, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, blood oxygen saturation, respiration rate, skin temperature, steps, active minutes and calorie burn. Users can also log relevant information in the accompanying app, such as their mood and menstrual symptoms. In time, the Evie Ring can estimate periods and ovulation and assess illness, stress and alcohol consumption.

The smart ring users can also set daily and weekly activity and recovery goals across different areas, such as active minutes, steps, calorie burn, sleep and mood/symptom logging, with the app adjusting missed or exceeded goals to keep users motivated.

Evie Ring owners will also be able to review a single graphic that displays their progress towards each goal with animated “celebrations” as a feel-good way to reward effort.

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Evie’s technology implements an AI tool to search for correlations across various data types and share any trends it discovers, such as improved mood after exceeding average steps or sleep disruptions due to different phases of a menstrual cycle. The insights allow ring wearers to better understand their bodies and make modifications to account for the findings.

A ‘Spot Check’ feature is also available so Evie Ring users can quickly determine their heart rate and blood oxygen levels at any time.

As for its hardware specs, the Evie Ring has over four days of battery life and can charge in an hour. A portable charging case comes with the ring, which holds 10+ ring charges, allowing users to charge Evie at any time.

The Evie Ring is available exclusively through its site in gold, rose gold, and silver finishes and sizes 5-12, with a complimentary sizing kit for those who don’t know their ring size. The ring is mindfully designed to account for daily fluctuations in ring size from hormonal changes, providing a comfortable fit.

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