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seca Tru Brings Medical Analysis to Gyms & Studios

seca Tru Brings Medical Analysis to Gyms & Studios

The seca TRU body composition solution tracks muscle mass, fat mass, energy expenditure, recovery levels and more, giving members a better picture of their state of health than simple bodyweight tracking

When you’re a top medical equipment supplier, being forward-thinking isn’t just something to strive for, but a necessity. Having done that for over 180 years, seca’s latest innovations have big implications for the fitness industry, making them some of IHRSA 2024’s most anticipated unveilings. 

Headlining seca’s products at IHRSA 2024 will be the seca TRU Body Composition Solution, a full-body test that analyzes users’ health and wellness using key metrics.

The seca TRU body composition solution features state-of-the-art hardware and customizable software that offers a variety of solutions to boost membership and engagement for gyms and fitness facilities. seca’s user-friendly API powers the product and simplifies the integration and customization processes.

The product operates via medically validated Bio Impedance technology, which delivers accurate health data following a 24-second scan. Users initially step up to seca’s Bear Claw glass platform to begin the measurement process.

Ultrasound tech determines the member’s accurate height before starting the analysis, breaking down muscle mass by each extremity & torso, fat mass, energy expenditure, recovery levels and other health factors which are later displayed in the seca 125 analytic software. seca’s solution even factors in age, gender, and ethnicity, as recently emphasized by the American Medical Association; seca’s body composition analysis is the only product on the market to factor in the latter. 

More Than Just Bodyweight

Duane Jones, seca Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, believes individuals who only check the scale every morning are in the dark ages in terms of monitoring their health. The TRU Body Composition Solution gives them that necessary upgrade. 

“Traditional metrics like weight do not fully capture the internal changes occurring in their bodies,” Jones said. “The TRU Body Composition Solution provides a more comprehensive view by setting baselines, which then allows gym goers to establish goals that more accurately reflect their overall health status.”

Personalized goal setting, progress tracking, identifying new insights and motivation all come to fruition following the scan. The precise analytics present users with benchmarks and metrics to strive for, hopefully spurring motivation and illustrating improvement over time.

Potential insights include setting up nutrition plans in relation based on results. The solution also identifies patterns worth acknowledging in one’s diet or exercise regimen, as well as potential health issues users would want to snuff out before they deter their fitness journey. 

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Analytics are compared with the results of studies featuring over 3,000 healthy individuals to ensure accuracy. They’re also loaded into a cloud-based software that makes results accessible across a multitude of devices. 

The Missing Piece for Fitness Operators 

These same cutting-edge features make the TRU Body Composition Solution attractive to operators. The motivational factors born out of the analytics presented to gym goers naturally work to an operator’s benefit, spurring engagement and retention. It’s far easier to stay involved and committed to a gym that provides useful detail on your progress and constantly presents you with distinct goals. 

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“Gyms without this solution miss a crucial opportunity to engage their members more deeply and promote additional wellness services they offer, such as personal training, group fitness, recovery programs and more,” said Kyle Toscano, seca Director of Marketing. “The TRU Body Composition Solution’s API can integrate with gym management and communication systems, enhancing member engagement and potentially increasing retention by providing a more connected and personalized wellness experience.”

The TRU Body Composition Solution is ideal for operators who want to engage with their members in a personalized, meaningful way, rather than with a one-size-fits-all solution. seca also handles product delivery, installation and network integration. 

Looking Ahead: Partnerships & Advancements

Toscano says it’s now full speed ahead for seca and the brand’s holistic health analyzer. seca will continue to update the TRU Body Composition Solution going forward, with plans to address factors such as the rise of obesity medications like GLP-1s more distinctly. 

“Recognizing the growing prevalence of obesity medications and their potential side effects, such as muscle loss, the TRU Body Composition Solution is positioned to play a crucial role in this context,” he said. “By tailoring the solution to address these specific needs, it can enhance the fitness experience for new members drawn to fitness facilities for health reasons, offering a medical-grade device that supports both fitness and medical outcomes.”

seca also aims to collaborate with more forward-thinking members in the fitness space, such as newly added partner Crunch Fitness, in addition to projects with ABC Ignite & Trainerize already in progress. seca already works with EGYM, Kieser Training, Vita Club, Maglicine and FitX, just to name a few.

“Overall, the TRU Body Composition Solution’s future plans are characterized by a focus on innovation, responsiveness to health trends, and partnerships that amplify its impact,” Toscano said. “This makes its launch an exciting development in the fitness and wellness industry.”

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