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Will Movano Ring Become the Most Affordable Health Device?

Will Movano Ring Become the Most Affordable Health Device?

The tech wearable for people, not patients, says CEO. The ring will be showcased at CES in 2022.

Movano, a health tech company founded in 2018, has just announced its first product offering with the Movano Ring. The wearable tech ring will be showcased at CES in 2022 and will become available through a beta release in the second half of the new year. The tech wearable is expected to be the most affordable health device on the market, competing with Oura.

The sleek and futuristic-looking ring will work in conjunction with an app that provides intelligent feedback. Movano says the ring will come in various colors and designs, displaying four renderings on its site. 


Movano says it noticed that women tend to be an afterthought when it comes to tech wearables. In an earnings call last month, John Mastrototaro, PhD and Movano CEO, said that one primary goal is to “miniaturize” Movano’s technology to fit in a variety of attractive wearables. 

“We believe our patented technology provides a competitive advantage in that it can be deployed in a noninvasive and cut-less solution and be packaged in small stylish wearables so users feel more like people, not patients. We want to reduce the burden of monitoring your health and we want it to look good, feel good and provide real value. In addition, we expect our solutions will be priced more affordably compared to current medical devices,” Mastrototaro said on the call. 

The ring will help the user gain insight as it measures heart rate, heart rate variability, sleep, respiration, temperature, blood oxygen, steps, and calories. 

Movano uses a “cause and effect” approach, like showing the correlation between resting heart rate and a few glasses of wine. This type of health data can help users take a more proactive approach when it comes to their health and how they feel.

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“Movano was founded on the core belief that good health is a fundamental human right, but good health requires more than a few static metrics from an annual physical,” said Mastrototaro. “We’ve set out on a mission to put your health in your hands with affordable and non-intimidating devices. Our app notes your body’s signals and transforms them into insight. It delves deep—beyond graphs, charts, percentages—to provide accessible, actionable information. The initial Movano Ring is our foundational product as we work toward gaining FDA clearances, so that we can provide medical data to users in a step-by-step fashion over time.”

Movano says it’s also conducting clinical trials with its radio-frequency enabled tech and developing algorithms to include medical data, like non-invasive glucose monitoring and cuffless blood pressure. 

The tech company raised $48.9 million in an IPO back in March, and CEO Mastrototaro said that the company has “intensely focused on advancing the technology” since the IPO.

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