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F45 Launches FS8, a Pilates-Yoga Hybrid Set for Global Expansion

F45 Launches FS8, a Pilates-Yoga Hybrid Set for Global Expansion

FS8’s launch comes as global demand spikes for Pilates, strength training and holistic wellness modalities

Unique as it may be, the combination of Pilates, yoga and tone is on its way to becoming a more common workout modality across the globe.

FS8, a science-backed fitness brand owned by F45 Training, announced the opening of its flagship location in Austin, Texas, as well as additional studio openings in the U.S. and master franchise agreements that will take the brand into South Korea and Europe, including the U.K.

FS8 workouts include 50-minute, circuit-based sessions mixing Pilates, tone and yoga exercises. Featuring low-impact, high-energy training, the brand says workouts are suitable for any fitness level and that no two workouts are ever the same.

“This is an exciting next step for our company as we offer best-in-class options to expand our offerings with our franchise community,” said Tom Dowd, CEO of F45 Training. “FS8 is a unique and cutting-edge Pilates workout that sets a new higher standard for reformer Pilates training, which our members are raving about.”

credit: F45 Training/FS8

In South Korea, an agreement signed with Embrace will see multiple FS8 studios open up across the nation, beginning with a flagship location in Seongsu.

“With a focus on holistic wellness, we believe FS8’s arrival in Korea will change the perception of what it means to work out,” said Jamie Kim, CEO of F45 & FS8 South Korea. “Together, we aim to revolutionize Korea’s fragmented Pilates and yoga market, offering an opportunity to elevate the entire fitness industry to new heights.”

FS8’s expansion in Europe will happen with help from Club Sports Group, a large franchisor of F45 studios. Club Sports Group will look to establish FS8s in several key cities after an initial launch in London’s Oxford Circus. 

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“Introducing the FS8 brand and our full-body training approach in the U.K. and beyond is a huge privilege,” said Club Sports Group CEO Travis Frenzel. “Since opening in Oxford Circus in London, our classes have been consistently at capacity, further proof that our scientific exercise approach resonates with consumers at all fitness levels.”

Beyond its Austin flagship location, additional domestic FS8 studios have opened in Weston Lakes, Florida, Royal Oak, Michigan and Foxborough and Dedham, Massachusetts. Additional expansion is expected soon.

This isn’t the first time F45 has attached itself to a Pilates trend picking up steam. The brand also recently launched Vaura Pilates, a total-body athletic conditioning class that takes place on reformers.

F45’s new brand launches come as holistic wellness has been on the rise across the globe, prompting fitness companies to expand their offerings. Xponential Fitness recently acquired Lindora, a metabolic health chain that offers access to GLP-1 weight loss drugs. Volt, a personal training app, bought Zama Health to add mental health services to its platform.

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