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Core Health & Fitness Acquires Jacobs Ladder

Core Health & Fitness Acquires Jacobs Ladder

The two fitness companies will exhibit together at IHRSA June 22 – 24

Core Health & Fitness LLC, a global fitness equipment manufacturer, has announced the acquisition of Jacobs Ladder, a ladder climbing fitness company that refers to its heart-pumping system as a workout that people “love to hate.”

The acquisition further expands the Core Health & Fitness portfolio, which sells its fitness products under brands StairMaster, Schwinn, Nautilus, Star Trac, Throwdown, and Wexer. 

While the financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed, the agreement between Core Health & Fitness and Jacobs Ladder will provide the ladder fitness company with funding and distribution to help it scale.

The acquisition comes at a time when many fitness enthusiasts have eagerly returned to the gym to seek HIIT experiences.


“Prior to and coming out of Covid, commercial customers across gym and vertical market categories placed or are placing an increased emphasis on high intensity products. Many consumers are returning to in-person workouts at fitness facilities where Core is seeing record year-over-year commercial fitness growth,” Jason Leone, President of Core Health & Fitness remarked.

The two fitness companies will exhibit together at IHRSA this month.

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“This is a momentous step for Jacobs Ladder, simultaneously granting us the support, investment, and distribution we need to dramatically scale our business and accelerate towards our mission in the fitness industry,” said Bob Palka, Jacobs Ladder CEO.

The fitness ladder company has grown in popularity, with Jacobs Ladder appearing on NBC’s “Biggest Loser,” Showtime’s “Billions,” and the CW’s “Legends of Tomorrow.” Jacobs Ladder even assisted in the training of actor Robert Downey, Jr. for “Iron Man.” In addition to its Hollywood presence, Jacobs Ladder has also been used to train the Dallas Cowboys, Boston Celtics, and Kansas City Royals.

“The opportunity to work closely with Core Health & Fitness, collaborating across its portfolio of globally recognised brands to build an even more diverse ecosystem, is another huge benefit of this acquisition. In 2004, when we started Jacobs Ladder, we realized it was an unparalleled fitness experience. What we have lacked for the past 18 years is a partner to help us share in an economy of scale. Core not only brings economy of scale, but an iconic set of brands. We are delighted with our new ownership and excited by its implications not only for Jacobs Ladder, but for the sector as a whole,” Palka continued.

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