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Xplor Launches Gamification Tools for Boutique Fitness Studios 

Xplor Launches Gamification Tools for Boutique Fitness Studios 

Features like in-studio challenges, automatic in-app goal tracking and milestone celebrations are designed to help boutique fitness brands build community and better retain their members

Xplor Mariana Tek, a leading boutique fitness software platform from Xplor Technologies, has unveiled a suite of gamification tools to encourage fitness studio members to stay engaged. The new features include in-studio challenges, automatic in-app goal tracking and milestone celebrations. 

Gamification has become a powerful tool for fitness operators. Research from Science Direct indicates that users of fitness apps with gamification elements are more likely to stick with their routines than those using traditional, non-gamified apps. 

“Challenges are an effective way to bring your community together while working towards your personal goals,” said Shannon Tracey, vice president of sales and marketing for Xplor Mariana Tek. “For the consumer, it’s incredibly motivating and allows them to up their workout frequency and build new routines. For studios, it’s a way to build brand sentiment and really solidify the power of community.”

Xplor Mariana Tek’s new gamification suite includes features like performance milestones to help members anticipate and share their class accomplishments, streak celebrations to promote consistency, and in-app goal tracking to encourage progress tracking. 

Boston-based B/Spoke Studios, a multi-location boutique fitness brand, has already embraced Xplor’s new gamification tools.

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“We are always looking for clever ways to tap into a healthy competitive spirit amongst our community, get more people engaging with our studio app, and deepen the connection we already have with our loyal clients,” B/Spoke co-founder and CEO Mark Partin said. “By celebrating their hard work and injecting some fun into the process through a well-designed user experience (UX), we’re strengthening our community and encouraging clients to keep coming back in a way that feels empowering and organic. They love it!”

Xplor has had a big 2024 so far. It established Xplor Capital, a fintech arm to help small businesses, including those in fitness and wellness, access capital more easily. Meanwhile, Mariana Tek made its boutique fitness software available in the United Kingdom for the first time, and partnered with Dr. B, an emerging telehealth provider, to expand HSA/FSA funds in fitness

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