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Whoop Founder Will Ahmed Named to Harvard Medical School Board of Fellows

Whoop Founder Will Ahmed Named to Harvard Medical School Board of Fellows

Will Ahmed, a Harvard University graduate, will serve as advisor and provide counsel to the medical school’s senior administrators and faculty.

Will Ahmed is returning to Harvard — this time to serve on the Harvard Medical School Board of Fellows.

Ahmed, the founder & CEO of Whoop, a human performance company, will advise and provide counsel to Dean George Q. Daley, MD, Ph.D., senior administrators and faculty.

Ahmed shared on LinkedIn that he was honored to accept the new role.

“Joining the Board is also very personal to me. Just over ten years ago, I started Whoop out of the Harvard Innovation Labs,” he wrote. “I found myself drifting between Harvard’s College, Medical School, Business School, and Engineering School. I met the best students and professors to help build a revolutionary health monitor.”

Harvard Medical School

According to the Harvard Medical School Board of Fellows, its members are leaders who help develop and review strategies to fulfill and improve the mission of alleviating human suffering caused by disease.

Whoop, which is headquartered in Boston, has attracted athlete investors such as Kevin Durant, Patrick Mahomes and Eli Manning, and is a short distance from the medical school.

“I am grateful for the chance to give back to the institution,” Ahmed continued. “I hope I can help students and professors at HMS launch technology of their own.”

While at Harvard, Ahmed enjoyed playing squash, but he became interested in better understanding the human body and its performance, telling Athletech News in a 2022 interview that he read 500 medical papers while a student. After graduating, he founded the wearable tech company and was only 24 when the human performance company raised $20 million.

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Earlier this year, Whoop announced a collaboration with wellness brand Hyperice, designed better to educate fitness enthusiasts about the importance of recovery.

More recently, Whoop revealed it would lower its subscription prices for its high-tech wearable.

“We want as many people as possible to be able to improve their health. This will make Whoop more accessible than ever before,” Ahmed said in a clip announcing the new pricing structure.

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