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WHOOP & Hyperice Join Forces to Enhance Understanding of Recovery

WHOOP & Hyperice Join Forces to Enhance Understanding of Recovery

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Both brands, backed by big-name athletes, are integrating user data via Apple Health. WHOOP and Hyperice say that other collaborative efforts are also planned.

WHOOP, a human performance company, and Hyperice, a high-performance wellness brand, have announced a collaboration to better educate fitness enthusiasts about the value of recovery to their health and performance.

Both brands have attracted a slew of notable investors: Kevin Durant and Eli Manning for WHOOP, and countless athlete investors for Hyperice, including Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum, PGA Tour winner Tony Finau, and pro BMXer Nigel Sylvester.

As athletes are aware, recovery is critical to training, and WHOOP and Hyperice have joined forces to take a deep dive into investigating the science of recovery.

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It starts with tracking. Through a two-way integration with Apple Health, users of Hyperice’s Hypervolt percussion massage device line and the Normatec dynamic air compression systems can automatically log their recovery activities in the WHOOP and Hyperice apps. Eventually, users will receive personalized recovery routines from Hyperice based on WHOOP’s activity, sleep, and recovery data. The goal? Ultimate peak performance. 

WHOOP and Hyperice are also planning other collaborative efforts to study the effects of such technologies on physical recovery and human performance enhancement.

Will Ahmed, CEO and Founder of WHOOP, points out that recovery is a cornerstone of human performance. The leader of the human performance company once said that the brand was founded with a contrarian belief that feelings are overrated.

“You can’t necessarily feel everything that’s going on in your body,” Ahmed said in an interview with Athletech News last year. 

The Harvard graduate, who has long been fascinated with physiology, founded WHOOP at just 22 and has been on a mission to create wearable tech that assists with prevention and provides direct insight.

“This new integration will help our members better understand how post-activity recovery technology can improve their health and performance,” Ahmed said of the partnership.

The two companies are a great match for the project, as Hyperice CEO Jim Huether notes that both wellness-based companies have been steadily focused on developing products and technology to advance health and human performance. 

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”We expect that our work together will result in meaningful data-driven insights that will continue to push the wellness space forward,” said Huether.

Patrick Mahomes, who is soon heading to the Superbowl with the Kansas City Chiefs, was an early investor in WHOOP. The NFL player uses both brands in his training and recovery. 

WHOOP and HYPERICE have also partnered with the PGA Tour, where they still study the impact of recovery technology on biometric data points.

While the two brands are engaged in a promising collaboration, WHOOP, like other tech and fitness brands, has engaged in restructuring.

WHOOP Unite, its B2B corporate health solution, recently experienced a round of layoffs, the second in six months for the human performance company. Last July, the human performance company laid off 15% of its workforce, affecting all departments of the wearable tech company, as it cited economic challenges and uncertainty.

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