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WellSet Wants to Address the ‘Burnout Epidemic’ with its Digital Holistic Health Studio

WellSet Wants to Address the ‘Burnout Epidemic’ with its Digital Holistic Health Studio

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The wellness-based membership platform, now offered by CareFirst as an option for its employer group accounts, offers science-backed practices and helps create healthy habits

Burnout is real, says WellSet, a membership platform that wants to give stressed out employees a path forward on a wellbeing journey. 

The option for added assistance comes at a crucial time when psychologists are struggling to meet the demand for mental health services, particularly from health care workers. The WellSet digital holistic health studio is looking to make wellness practices more accessible to improve physical, mental, and emotional health with its expert-led classes.

Stress and anxiety are at an all-time high, leading to resignations and “quiet quitting,” says WellSet, citing a survey where 84% of U.S. employees say workplace conditions have contributed to at least one mental health challenge. Not wanting to end up in a similar situation again, 81% of workers say they will select an employer that supports mental health in the future. Stress also plays a significant role in business productivity, with the American Institute for Stress stating that it can lead to absenteeism and accidents.

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The health studio will offer unlimited live and on-demand group classes with over 20 holistic modalities for one monthly membership price. Classes include acupressure, self-hypnosis, EFT/tapping, breathwork, yoga, Ayurveda, Myofascial release, and mindfulness.

Offering WellSet to employees sends a signal that well-being matters and that prioritizing self-care is encouraged, says WellSet’s co-founder Tegan Bukowski.

“We’ve reached a point where we can recognize that most people in most workplaces are stressed and burned out. But recognizing that teams are stressed is not enough – business leaders need to take action,” said WellSet co-founder Tegan Bukowski. “Employers who are forward-thinking are starting to look for emotional and mental health solutions beyond their main health plan and traditional talk therapy, which is expensive and not for everyone.”

The ability to take a live WellSet class promotes community and accountability, two important factors of maintaining new well-being habits, adds Bukowski. 

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“The option to take class ‘live’ is a huge differentiator for WellSet – people feel more motivated to come to class and meet their community, and are more likely to stay for the entire duration of class when they attend a live-streamed workshop,” Bukowski said.

WellSet has been added by CareFirst as an option for its employer group account and has been backed by Samsung Next, Integrated VC, and Lionheart Ventures.

The holistic membership platform has also caught the attention of notable angel investors Danica Patrick, Victoria’s Secret model Roosmarijn de Kok, and United Healthcare Accelerator Managing Director Matt Miller.

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