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Trainer Talks: Taylor Hall Empowers Women One Workout at a Time

Trainer Talks: Taylor Hall Empowers Women One Workout at a Time

A NASM-certified personal trainer and former NCAA basketball player, Hall created Girly Pops Fitness, an exercise community for women in LA

In the heart of Los Angeles, Taylor Hall, creator of Girly Pops Fitness, is crafting a fitness community where women feel empowered and celebrated. The NASM-certified personal trainer, fitness coach and entrepreneur embodies resilience and determination, and is a product of her own transformative journey. 

Hall’s path to Girly Pops Fitness was paved with challenges and triumphs. A former NCAA collegiate basketball player, she endured the grueling tests of athleticism and the setbacks of injuries, including two ACL tears. From the crucible of competition emerged a fierce dedication to infuse every individual’s life with energy and purpose.

At the core of Hall’s fitness philosophy lies holistic wellness, where mind, body and spirit converge, and her entrepreneurial spirit fuels her mission to break down barriers and redefine what it means to be a female athlete and leader in the fitness industry.

Athletech News spoke with Hall about her training philosophy and how she plans to continue her inspirational fitness professional journey.

This conversation has been lightly edited for clarity and length.

Athletech News: Girly Pops Fitness aims to remove intimidation and anxiety in traditionally male-dominated gym spaces. How do you cultivate an environment where women feel empowered and supported?

Taylor Hall: At the start of each of my Girly Pops Fitness classes, women are encouraged to arrive early, chat and connect with each other. The goal is to create a community/team environment from the time the women arrive to the time they leave. Women should enter feeling welcomed, should work out and feel supported alongside their fellow “girly pops,” and leave feeling inspired and motivated to continue their fitness journey with the encouragement and drive that stem from their Girly Pops Fitness experience.

Hall leads a Girly Pops Fitness class (credit: Jordan Hernandez/@jordandianeh)

ATN: Your fitness philosophy emphasizes the importance of holistic wellness. How do you integrate mind, body and spirit in your training approach?

TH: I believe that mental is to physical as four is to one, so I am a huge fan of meditation, affirmation and visualization. Every morning before I start my day, I look at myself in the mirror and say: “I am strong, I am confident, I am beautiful.” Then, I close my eyes, meditate, and visualize success for the day ahead. This is a habit that I have been repeating over the past 3 years and it truly has shifted my mindset and the way that I invest in myself and in my life in and outside of the gym!

ATN: What role do community and connection play in achieving fitness goals, and how does Girly Pops Fitness foster them?

TH: As a lifelong athlete, I have always grown closest to those I experienced “shared suffering” with. The toughest basketball practices and games, workouts and life experiences that I have been through were all conquered because I was a part of a team.

I would never be able to get through any obstacles in life without a support system, so each one of my Girly Pops Fitness classes is curated around this ideology. When women join Girly Pops Fitness, they are not just joining a workout class, they are embarking on a journey with a like-minded community. I have seen so many lasting relationships stem from my fitness community, and it has been extremely fulfilling to witness life changes through fitness, friendship and family within the Girly Pops Community.

At the conclusion of each workout, we do a cool-down and circle stretch. This is a time for each participant to share her “slay” (win) of the day. The goal is for each person to embrace the strength they brought to the workout and carry it into real life. I want women to feel confident and comfortable within this group and from there be able to support one another on their growth journey.

credit: Jordan Hernandez/@jordandianeh

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ATN: As an entrepreneur in the fitness industry, what challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them to grow your business?

TH: The biggest challenge I have faced so far is being a young trainer and not being taken seriously. However, I take comments and criticism with a grain of salt because I am confident in my approach and know that I will outwork anyone to reach my fitness, business and life goals.

Although I am young and a new trainer in the industry, I have had a lifetime of experience through my career as a basketball player and lifelong athlete, and I strive to use these experiences as a female athlete to relate to and empower women who feel that they are not enough. I have been through two ACL tears, body dysmorphia, eating disorders and many other issues that come along with being a female in sports and female in the fitness industry.

credit: Parker Hall/parker_hall46

ATN: Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for Girly Pops Fitness, and how do you plan to continue empowering women through fitness and community?

TH: I know I have created something special for so many women to gather and be celebrated through fitness, and I strive to grow this community and show the world what women can do when they come together and celebrate one another through fitness, friendship and life. I bring the fun to fitness.

I want to encourage all women to walk with the same confidence in life that I carry myself with. I have brought the passion that I have for fitness and life into my own personal training brand. Girly Pops Fitness removes the intimidation and anxiety that many females feel in male-dominated gyms and brings together a community of women to celebrate one another’s strength and diversity through fitness and community.

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