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It’s Smooth Sailing for TRIPP as the VR Meditation Company Gains $11.2 Million

It’s Smooth Sailing for TRIPP as the VR Meditation Company Gains $11.2 Million

VR/XR meditation app TRIPP earned $11.2 million in Series A funding, putting the startup company at an advantage to boost its profile and business potential within the wellness technology space

The award-winning XR wellness leader TRIPP has gained an enormous boost, thanks to recently raising $11.2 million in Series A funding. According to dot.LA, the virtual reality meditation startup gained monetary support from the likes of the Amazon Alexa Fund, Qualcomm, HTC, Niantic, and Mayfield (the latter is an existing investor). BITKRAFT Ventures led the funding round. TRIPP VR meditation company raised $11 million in 2021 in another Series A funding round.

This latest development comes several months after TRIPP’s partnership with social virtual connection company Emerge was announced. Emerge co-founder and co-CEO Sly Spencer Lee stated, “We are thrilled about partnering with the TRIPP team to pioneer the use of tactility in meditative practices within the metaverse.”   

When asked to shed more light on TRIPP’s impressive $11.2 million Series A funding yield, CEO and co-founder Nanea Reeves told Athletech News, “We’re living through a mental health crisis where 1 in 5 Americans report dealing with stress and anxiety. It’s been our goal with TRIPP from the outset to deliver digital support tools that will help people take control of their mental wellbeing and find the relief they need. With this latest investment, we’re closer to achieving this while pioneering wellness technologies in the Metaverse.”

TRIPP also recently acquired Eden, a cross-service world-building platform, and VR platform EvolVR. Of the latter, Reeves wrote on Medium in February the reason for TRIPP’s need to build virtual storefronts in the first place.

“We are replicating the earth (and soul)-depleting models of a world we finally have a chance to reimagine,” she wrote, adding, “We have to think outside the ‘take your digital twin to a virtual mall and buy a digital Gucci purse’ box. That’s how TRIPP was born. We believe that alternate realities can be used to break the limits of what’s possible, immersing users in experiences they can’t have in the real world to help them feel mentally and emotionally supported in any world.”

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Based on scientific research and “focused on matters of the mind,” TRIPP was founded in 2017. Besides the meditation app itself, users can also experience TRIPP via a number of VR products including PlayStation VR, VIVE Flow, Meta Quest 2 and Nreal. The TRIPP EvolVR community is also available for VR live meditation contact in the metaverse. For more information, head over to

Photo by Sara Kurig on Unsplash

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