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Tonal Rolls Out Lululemon Mirror Trade-in Program

Tonal Rolls Out Lululemon Mirror Trade-in Program

As Lululemon drops its connected fitness product, Tonal is looking to lure Mirror members with discounts on hardware and a free membership

Tonal, the smart home gym company, is hoping to lure in disenchanted Lululemon Studio members with a trade-in opportunity just as the athleisure company officially decommissions its connected fitness Mirror. 

The at-home gym brand launches the program on December 19th.

The savvy move aims to do more than replace the Mirror with a Tonal, but continue the sense of fitness community that Lululemon Studios cultivated, with former Mirror coach Lance Parker joining Tonal as a guest coach. Tonal teases that another Lululemon Studio favorite is also coming on board in the new year, but their identity is under wraps for now.

Qualifying consumers receive $250 off the purchase of a Certified Refurbished Tonal Trainer, the first 12 months of a Tonal membership for free ($719 in savings) plus the removal of a Mirror from their home for no additional cost. 

Lululemon Leaves Connected Fitness

Lululemon may be uber-successful at athleisure, but its connected fitness Mirror proved to be a $500 million misfire

In September, the company announced it would discontinue the connected fitness device before the end of the year and teamed with Peloton in a strategic five-year global partnership that saw the connected fitness company create exclusive digital fitness content for Lululemon Studio starting in 2024.

Lululemon Mirror (credit: Lululemon)

Tonal Embraces Hardware, AI

Tonal, meanwhile, has made key moves in the at-home fitness market. under the leadership of new CEO Krystal Zell, who took the reins in April at the same time as a fresh injection of $130 million in funding,

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The company is actively using AI, with plans to leverage its capabilities for user personalization regarding suggested weights, dynamic weight modes and personalized content recommendations. As Zell told Athletech News in an exclusive interview, Tonal has five years’ worth of complete data collection on weight training that drives insight and workout design.

“We are very much focused on taking this incredible data set that we have, but making it useful for our members,” Zell said, adding that the data is anonymized. “It’s not about technology for the sake of technology. It’s all about how we can use this data to get our members better workouts with more results.”

The smart home gym company also expanded its in-store Nordstrom retail footprint this holiday season by selling Tonal and accessories on to reach a wider audience. In another move this season, Tonal partnered with Extend to offer product production on its AI-powered strength trainer to enhance the consumer experience. 

Learn more about the Tonal trade-in program here.

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