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Trainer Talks: Luke Zocchi From Centr

Trainer Talks: Luke Zocchi From Centr

Luke Zocchi standing with hands folded near sea
Luke Zocchi is known for his work training Chris Hemsworth for his film roles, and is a trainer for Centr, Hemsworth’s fitness app. Zocchi spoke with Athletech News about Centr’s Moves That Matter and his own training career and goals.

Luke Zocchi is one of the leading trainers in the health and fitness industry, best known for training actor Chris Hemsworth in his various film roles. As a trainer and Program Director on Hemsworth’s fitness platform, Centr, Zocchi has made his training techniques available to a larger audience. In January, Centr announced a campaign called Moves that Matter in partnership with Good Sports, a national non-profit driving equitable access in youth sports and physical activity. Moves that Matter was, in part, inspired by Hemsworth and Zocchi’s childhood playing sports together. Athletech News spoke to Zocchi about Moves that Matter, his perspective on training, and his goals for Centr and his career.

Athletech News (ATN): Can you tell me more about Moves that Matter?

Chris Hemsworth training
Chris Hemsworth during training

Luke Zocchi (LZ): I’ve known Chris [Hemsworth] for a very long time. We played Australian rules football together. And we were both talking about how important it is to have an activity and learn to train, and for the next generation to be healthier and happier. That’s how this campaign got started. It’s pushing our members to have extra motivation for the work they do. It’s going to turn into a bigger donation for Good Sports, a nonprofit organization helping youth sporting groups all across America that need help most.

ATN: Why is Centr’s approach to training so unique?

LZ: We have a more holistic approach to training and health and wellness. It’s not just one size fits all. If you look at our app or just on the training side of things, we’ve got such a diverse group of training styles and modalities. Each specialist has their own style. The stuff in the app is the same stuff that Chris and I actually live and breathe. He started training a different way, and he went, “Zoc, I’ve been doing these workouts, come try them out,” and we’d literally be at Chris’s house in the mornings. With his wife Elsa and her friends, we’d test it out and then turn it into a program that we launch in Centr. So, it’s actually stuff we believe in and do, and we’re just sharing it with the people who are a part of the app.

ATN: What’s your proudest training story?

Luke Zocchi standing with hands folded at a sea side

LZ: As far as training other people, I get random people who follow my Instagram and they tell me, “I started looking at what you do, your recipes, and your workouts, and I’ve lost five kilos. Thank you so much.” And it’s cool because I’ve never met these people, and I see how much of an impact I’ve had on other people. For my personal training, it’s funny, because I’ve never run a marathon, but the hardest thing I’ve probably done is bear crawl a mile.

ATN: Where did your interest in training come from?

LZ: I played sports with Chris, and when we were younger, I got into amateur boxing and really liked it. Then, I ended up having a few amateur fights. That’s where my love for training really grew. Then after that, I did my personal training course, and it just progressed from there.

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ATN: Do you have any short-term goals for Centr or for your career?

LZ: The short-term goal for Centr at the moment is to get the 300 active minutes with Moves that Matter. If we hit that milestone, that would be really cool. Personally, I think I’m going to run a marathon this year. I’ve never done it. I’ve been so focused on lifting weights, so I’m trying to commit to it– or to a triathlon.

ATN: Where do you see Centr going long term?

LZ: I’m really excited to see where Centr could end up because I’m very interested in new technology. AI technology and integrating technology with physical equipment could bring about really cool offerings. It’s such a complex space—it’ll be so interesting to see where it goes in the future.

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