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CEO Corner: How Legends Founder Scott Hochstadt Turned an Apparel Brand Into a Lifestyle

CEO Corner: How Legends Founder Scott Hochstadt Turned an Apparel Brand Into a Lifestyle

Hochstadt has partnered with big names like Quavo, Baker Mayfield and others to grow his brand into more than just an apparel line

Legends, an apparel brand that was born out of the courts of the Mamba Foundation, has evolved from a mere sportswear brand into a lifestyle brand. The company was founded by Scott Hochstadt, who has successfully established Legends as a company that blurs the lines between sports, culture, fitness and fashion.

Celebrities like Quavo from Migos, inspirational pro-wrestler superstar Zion Clark, former NBA players Matt Barnes and Steve Nash, Dodgers pitcher Noah Syndergaard, LA Rams QB Baker Mayfield and Barstool celebrity Big Cat have all aligned themselves with the Legends brand.

Athletech News spoke with Hochstadt about his background, his goals for Legends and the future of the activewear space

Athletech News: Tell us about your background and how it inspired Legends.

Scott Hochstadt: Growing up, I watched my father work in sales for Champion. I was able to follow him on business trips and hang out in NBA locker rooms and visit some of the grittiest sportswear shops in the country. I then went off to prep school to focus on lacrosse and was recruited to play at the University of Maryland. I was inspired by my peers’ style and the top trends of that time and also got insight from fellow Maryland athletes who built Under Armour. My father was unfortunately laid off from Champion, and as a student-athlete in the art department, that forced me to pay for college by designing and selling T-shirts which ultimately fueled my desire to build a business that was my own.

credit: Legends

I also built the biggest brand in lacrosse and brought the sport to the western United States before starting Legends. As an athlete myself, I wanted a sportswear brand that other athletes could believe in and actually want to wear because I know what it feels like to train in uncomfortable and basic shorts or shirts. But, it’s more than just the practicality and the look of the clothes. I wanted to build a brand that was a team and centered around making better communities around us.

ATN: What makes Legends unique? 

SH: Legends is more than just good-looking clothes that are comfortable and functional. It’s about building community through grassroots efforts and shifting culture through different drops and collaborations. Our approach at Legends means merging different worlds to build a better one. We are fully backed by some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment and use our platform to support and promote various community efforts that are spearheaded through our investors that include Quavo, Baker Mayfield, Matt Barnes, Steve Nash, Marcus and Markieff Morris and many others.

There’s an attitude to the brand, the product, the cuts and the way it’s marketed. In order to grow, you have to let some guardrails down to open up new markets. The Legends crew consists of public figures focused on the work, both professional and philanthropic — that often goes unseen. Our guys have a mindset to outwork everybody. 

ATN: How do Legends’ partnerships with athletes and entertainers shape the brand and its evolution?

SH: By partnering with athletes and entertainers that have similar values, we’ve created a brand that has disrupted the traditional performance apparel space by using our passions and real-life experiences to create clothes that people actually want to wear. We’ve done collections with various NFL and NBA teams as well as culture drops with Quavo. We hosted a Super Bowl Party and VIP Lounge at X Phoenix where guests enjoyed IV and Recovery Stations, a G1 Gaming Lounge and a performance by Meek Mill. Most recently, we supported Quavo’s 5th Annual Huncho Day where we raised $2 million for the Rocket Foundation. Brand success ultimately stems from the ability to connect celebrity to community and performance to philanthropy.

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ATN: What are your favorite Legends products?

SH: I’m really hyped about our new Saylor Swim Trunks as we’re going into summer. We also just came out with a new Aviation Tee with a scoop hemline. Our customers were asking for an elevated lifestyle tee, so I’m happy to give them something they want. This shirt is a go-to for me because I can wear it for any activity and it has buttery comfort. We’re having trouble keeping up with the demand for these and have more shipments coming in weekly. 

ATN: What’s the next big trend in activewear?

SH: I think the future of activewear is being able to listen to your consumer and reach them where they are by activating locally in different areas and bringing new products to life inspired by their needs. I also believe that there is still a lot of room for improvement in the partnership space. Our latest Drops, like our Rocket Fairfax Hoodie, which was a recent collaboration with Quavo for Huncho Day, allow our investors to create clothes that reflect their personality and fundraise for organizations near to their hearts.

I think we will also see a lot more authenticity in the activewear space. We are fortunate to have great partners that help us scale out these organic and creative initiatives. We don’t plan on slowing down on our collabs and “Culture Drops.”

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