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Lauren Eirk Unveils New Fitness App For Women Over 40

Lauren Eirk Unveils New Fitness App For Women Over 40

Highly regarded yoga instructor and yoga therapist Lauren Eirk has branched out into the fitness app game with her very own platform – Fitness Integrated Science TV App. While it’s primarily geared towards assisting women over 40 with a variety of workouts, anyone can use the platform for their exercise needs. 

Fitness expert Lauren Eirk has branched out into creating her very own app primarily for women over the age of 40.

Her Fitness Integrated Science TV App provides those individuals with over 300 fitness videos starring the celebrated yoga instructor and therapist herself as she instructs users through various exercises.

Anyone can benefit from using the platform, but Eirk’s carefully guided workouts especially assist 40+ aged women to sculpt, tone and strengthen targeted body parts and the mind. 

Fitness Integrated Science TV leaves no room for boredom as it features a vast number of different types of exercises. A variety of yoga, strength training, core, pilates and even breathwork meditation are just some of the offerings found on the app, free for a 7-day trial.

After using the app for 7 days, users can choose between paying a fee of $14.99 a month or  $99 a year.

In a statement, Eirk says that the structure behind her workouts hinges on the crucial body and mind connection.

“Most of us tend to think of the body and the mind as two different things, yet they are always connected,” she begins. “When it comes to fitness, having the mindset to be healthy is as important as diet, exercise and sleep.”

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Eirk continues, “Many times, our bodies suffer the consequences of a negative mindset. You see, the body always does what your mind commands, consciously and subconsciously! Our program considered this relationship critical to the well-being of the participant.”

Fitness Expert Lauren Eirk

Along with her exercise and meditation videos, Eirk presents live sessions and conversations. These enable Fitness Integrated Science TV app users to receive personalized advice and help from the fitness leader. Monthly challenges and quarterly fitness plans are other valuable resources available on the fitness tech platform.  

For more information about the Fitness Integrated Science TV app by Lauren Eirk and how to sign up, visit

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