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HigherDose Launches Red Light Hat for Hair Health

HigherDose Launches Red Light Hat for Hair Health

The wellness tech brand’s newest product increases blood flow to the scalp to promote healthier hair and stimulate growth
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HigherDose, the at-home wellness tech brand with popular products like its Sauna Blanket, Red Light Face Mask, and Infrared PEMF Mat, has released its latest offering: a new Red Light Hat for hair growth.

The Red Light Hat has 120 medical-grade LED bulbs emitting light at a wavelength of 650 nm, specifically selected to promote hair growth. Each session with the hat is designed to last 10 minutes, with the brand recommending a daily treatment for optimal results.  The FDA has cleared using red light to stimulate hair growth and enhance scalp health in individuals with existing hair follicles. 

The HigherDose hat is currently on presale and will ship by the end of May.

Emerging Market for Hair Health

While there are several red light helmets on the market, HigherDose’s hat stands out due to its discreet design, resembling a baseball cap. The choice allows users to incorporate hair treatments into their daily routines without drawing attention.

credit: HigherDose

Hair loss, which is traditionally associated with male consumers, has also received awareness for impacting postpartum and menopausal women, making the hat a versatile solution for different audiences. 

For best results, HigherDose advises consumers to use the hat daily for four months. In the first two months, some users may experience hair shedding as weak hair makes way for stronger growth. However, beyond those first few months, users should expect to see stronger and thicker hair. 

The Red Light Hat’s design as a baseball cap not only ensures discretion but also positions it as a more portable product compared to some of HigherDose’s larger offerings, such as the Sauna Blanket and the PEMF Mat. This smaller size could potentially facilitate retail expansion and make it a staple in wellness routines.

Priced at $449, the Red Light Hat is in line with HigherDose’s other portable high-tech, wellness-focused products. For comparison, the Red Light Face Mask and the Red Light Neck Enhancer are both priced at $349. 

HigherDose Eyes Portable Wellness

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This Red Light Hat’s smaller size could also facilitate retail expansion and make it a staple in people’s wellness routines.

In an interview with Athletech News earlier this spring, HigherDose founders Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps hinted at the brand’s strategic focus on portable products.

“We will continue to expand DTC portable wellness technology products that support longevity, vitality, sleep, skin, recovery and detoxification,” Kaps told ATN.

Berlingeri and Kaps also spoke about the brand’s upcoming expansion through strategic partnerships with top retailers, as well as their focus on using HigherDose products for wellness tourism. At the Paris Olympics this summer, the brand will be hosting activations for female athletes. 

Order the Red Light Hat from HigherDose here.

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