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Gymdesk Gets $32.5M To Grow Fitness Software Platform

Gymdesk Gets $32.5M To Grow Fitness Software Platform

The Austin, Texas-based company provides management software for over 2,000 gyms and studios, and has made a name for itself in martial arts

Gymdesk, a management software provider for gyms and fitness studios, will have deeper pockets from here on out. The fit tech company has secured a $32.5 million growth investment from software-focused investment firm Five Elms Capital. 

With the new capital, Gymdesk intends to expand and strengthen its solutions while growing its customer base via new verticals.

“At Gymdesk, we’ve created an industry-leading product in a market dominated by outdated solutions,” said Eran Galperin, the company’s founder and CEO. “We’re excited to partner with Five Elms and leverage their resources and expertise to continue growing our company as we take our operations to the next level.”

Launched in 2016 and steered by individuals with substantial industry knowledge, Gymdesk currently provides software for over 2,000 fitness gyms and studios across 34 countries. The brand manages memberships, billing, marketing, attendance tracking and more with different software solutions for gyms, martial arts schools, gymnastics, yoga studios, dance studios and Pilates studios. Gymdesk has made a name for itself especially among martial arts studios, with clients including Kaijin MMA and Heroes Martial Arts. 

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Five Elms Capital specializes in fast-growing, B2B software business investments. Practice Better, an all-in-one practice management software platform for health and wellness pros, received a $27 million growth investment led by Five Elms Capital last year.

Outside Gymdesk, things remain fluid in the global fitness software space. Clubessential Holdings, a SaaS provider for health and fitness clubs, public golf courses, military organizations, camp organizations and more, is reportedly exploring a $3 billion sale. PerfectGym, a Poland-based software provider specializing in management solutions for fitness and leisure businesses, was just bought by German fit tech brand Sport Alliance

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