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FlexIt & LG Business Solutions Provide Immersive Health & Wellness Experience with 43-inch Display

FlexIt & LG Business Solutions Provide Immersive Health & Wellness Experience with 43-inch Display

The collaboration will deliver live & personalized wellness experiences on the new LG One:Quick Flex display

LG Business Solutions has partnered with FlexIt, an interconnected health platform that provides live and personalized wellness experiences. The two have collaborated to bring FlexIt’s sessions to the new LG One:Quick Flex display, which elevates FlexIt’s sessions with LG’s technology. 

Wellness professionals, personal trainers, physical therapists, and dietitians will benefit from the collaboration, which will provide an immersive experience on a large screen.

The 43-inch all-in-one display on the LG One:Quick Flex can rotate and has an adjustable height feature. The display includes a camera, microphones, and speakers, making it ideal for virtual personal training sessions. A stand, which is sold separately, makes it easy to transport the display.

“Our mission is always to provide the most immersive, most interactive experience possible,” says Austin Cohen, CEO and Founder of FlexIt. “LG’s new display lets us do just that. With the touch of a button you can invite a FlexIt health expert right onto the screen to guide, motivate, and educate. We’re elevating FlexIt’s immersion to a new level, and we can’t wait to see it come to life.”

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Cohen spoke with Cheddar News about the new collaboration and how FlexIt is focusing on ‘interconnected health.’ The platform intends to provide a comprehensive service ranging from physical therapy to nutrition to meditation. Unlike most health platforms, which are either live or pre-recorded, the LG One:Quick Flex display enables a true one-on-one experience, which Cohen believes is the future of wellness. “Fitness and wellness in general are trending towards increased level of personalization,” he tells Cheddar News.

“The One:Quick Flex is all about immersion,” says Gianni Restaino, vice president of engineering for LG Business Solutions USA. “At LG, we want people to be able to interact with  technology, and more importantly, with the people on the other side of the technology. So we’re  working with FlexIt, to give people just that. Now they’ll be able to access a new breadth of  immersive experiences.”

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