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FlexIt Flexes Connected Training Feature

FlexIt Flexes Connected Training Feature

Flexit Connected Training news
FlexIt announces interactive workouts for users and is planning a nutritional program.

With a “wherever, whenever” mentality when it comes to exercise, FlexIt is capitalizing on the ability to turn any room into a gym studio and promises to deliver a live personal trainer to your screen. FlexIt, a mobile fitness platform, just announced its latest feature dubbed Connected Training, which allows trainers to create personalized and interactive workouts for its users. A nutritional component is anticipated for future rollout. 

With FlexIt’s Connected Training, trainers will be able to provide a full-service experience for their fitness clients based on their health goals, needs, and even their budget. The routines will be able to be accessed either with or without live virtual personal trainer sessions.  Aside from customized fitness routines, the collection will also include instructional videos so a user can see how to maximize performance and safety.

Austin Cohen, FlexIt CEO and Founder, mentioned how FlexIt can engage a user’s sense of discipline and succeed in sticking to their health goals. In a recent press release, Cohen said, “We’re committed to creating the best possible fitness experience for our users. With Connected Training, we’re not only a place to find virtual trainers but a tool for ensuring that our users stick to their overall health plan. With this and the nutritional programming offering we have in the works, we’re turning FlexIt into the program for all fitness and health needs.”

Fitness trainers can also select pre-recorded videos from an available archive that focuses on form and technique. They can then direct their clients via a personalized note or assign them to complete a specified number of sets or reps. The Connected Training feature allows FlexIt to provide better customization, allowing trainers to help clients meet their individual needs. 

Justin Turetsky, FlexIt’s COO and Founding Team Member, says that the Connected Training feature is the most comprehensive customizable fitness solution available.

“FlexIt is the place for personalized virtual fitness,” Turetsky shared, and he noted that the personal attention, accessibility, and steady motivation allow FlexIt to deliver a perfect package for its users.

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FlexIt’s proprietary Virtual Personal Training platform is uniquely designed for fitness. The Virtual Personal Training platform includes timers, specialized camera views, music integration, and health tracking and form correction. Trainers can use drawings and video demos so a client can see how to adjust their form.

Researchers believe that by 2022, 86.3 million users will use health or fitness apps on their mobile devices, showing a significant increase from a 2019 figure. FlexIt is available for download on iOS and Android. 

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