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F45 Spotlights Franchisees With New Video Series, Launches Strava Collab

F45 Spotlights Franchisees With New Video Series, Launches Strava Collab

The Mark Wahlberg-backed functional fitness brand is giving its franchise partners time to shine, launching ‘Franchisee Day in the Life’ on YouTube

F45 Training, the fitness brand known for group-based, functional workouts, is opening the curtains on its franchising experience.

The brand just launched its ‘F45 Training Franchisee Day in the Life’ video series, offering an up close and personal look at its different franchise partners and how they’re working with the revamped F45

Three inaugural episodes recently dropped on YouTube, putting viewers alongside franchisees PJ Sullivan, Mia and Craig Jeckel, and former MLB player Matt Joyce. Each video takes a detailed look at how F45 franchise owners manage their locations adjacent to their other endeavors.

“I have not seen a fitness brand do this to showcase how being an F45 franchisee gives owners personal and professional freedom and opens opportunities to schedule your day around your family, your hobbies and your passion,” F45 chief marketing officer Brian Killingsworth said of the new series. “Showcasing what a day in their life could look like not only showcases some of our most successful owners, but shows other potential franchisees the freedom and flexibility they can achieve by becoming an F45 franchisee.”

The three episodes released thus far take place in Florida, touching down in Jacksonville and the Tampa Bay area.

F45, Strava Create Community

F45 has also inked a partnership with Strava, a leading digital community for fitness enthusiasts. The sides are creating a week-long challenge starting on National Fitness Day on May 4th and running through May 12th. ‘

Participants who complete 45-minute workouts, either in studio or at home on Strava, will earn the chance to win prizes including a one-year free membership to their nearest F45 studio, $500 worth of F45 merchandise or $500 worth of Performance Inspired Nutrition wellness products. 

“F45 and Strava both revolve around community and progress,” said F45 CEO Tom Dowd. “By working together, we will reach even more fitness enthusiasts on a global scale. Strava and F45 Training are two major forces in the industry, so National Fitness Day is the perfect time to kick off our challenge and allow friends to connect over some friendly competition.”

Wahlberg Week on Deck

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The Strava challenge coincides with ‘Wahlberg Week,’ F45’s special workout series this month featuring its chief brand officer and investor Mark Wahlberg.

From May 6th to 12th, participating F45 studios will begin Wahlberg Week featuring seven brand-new workouts personally designed by Wahlberg himself. The first four days rotate between cardio and resistance-based workouts, followed by two hybrid days before a final full-body workout on Sunday. All workouts are adaptable to an individual’s skill and experience level.

credit: F45 Training

“Mark’s very own touch on F45’s signature workout series means our members can experience an amazing and flexible exercise mix that’ll allow them to tweak their workout based on how they’re feeling,” Dowd said. “It offers something for everyone across all fitness levels, inviting our members and guests to push themselves more than they thought they ever could with the encouraging support of the F45 community, inspired by our group training approach.”

Participants can keep tabs on their daily performances as well as their weekly progress via the F45 Challenge App. 

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