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Watch Now: F45 CEO Tom Dowd Joins ATN “Unscripted” Podcast

Watch Now: F45 CEO Tom Dowd Joins ATN “Unscripted” Podcast

CEO of F45 since March, Tom Dowd gives his candid take on the fitness brand’s recent turbulence and his plan to bring F45 back to its glory days

In the first-ever episode of Athletech News’ “Unscripted” series, F45 Training CEO Tom Dowd joins the podcast to discuss his experience stepping up to lead the popular global boutique fitness brand’s new regime as it moves on from a rocky past few years. 

F45 attracted Dowd as an investor years before he moved into the CEO chair in March. After seeing cracks in the company’s foundation, he jumped in to help the Mark Wahlberg-backed fitness brand weather the storm. Now, Dowd feels confident in F45’s comeback, mentioning a stronger connection between HQ and franchise locations, a more responsible approach to the company’s finances, necessary staff replacements and a variety of other improvements. 

Dowd, along with “Unscripted” co-hosts Edward Hertzman, Athletech’s founder and CEO, and Eric Malzone, also discuss the boutique fitness industry at large. 

Watch this episode of “Unscripted” for unfiltered takes on the following:

  • The recent upheaval and current rebuilding efforts underway at F45 under Dowd’s watch
  • Why boutique fitness is not a “fad”
  • Next steps the fitness industry needs to take to further its evolution 

Key Talking Points:

Introductions (0:00 – 3:27) 

Dowd’s journey from investor to CEO at F45 (3:27 – 9:27)

Fixing F45’s behind-the-scenes issues (9:27 – 12:32) 

Benefits of competition in the boutique fitness space (12:32 – 16:16)

See Also

Little things F45 is doing to further its turnaround (16:16 – 21:35)

Dowd’s goals and expansion plans for F45 (21:35 – 25:33) 

Why the fitness industry is here to stay (25:33 – 31:43) 

What the fitness industry is missing and the biggest mistakes industry players are currently making (31:43 – 44:48)

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