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Equinox Adds Biomarker Lab Tests in Personalized Health Play

Equinox Adds Biomarker Lab Tests in Personalized Health Play

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A partnership with Function Health will see Equinox trainers develop specialized programs based on each member’s biological profile

Having mastered the art of melding fitness, wellness and luxury, Equinox is taking health optimization and personalization to new heights, partnering with Function Health, a longevity health-tech startup founded by Dr. Mark Hyman.

The exclusive partnership will see expert Equinox trainers develop specialized programs for members based on their unique biological profiles, with Equinox members having access to their personalized health data.

The Function Health platform beta launched last year and currently has a waitlist for its $499 yearly membership that includes over 100 whole-body lab tests so wellness seekers can understand their biomarkers, including hormones, thyroid, heart, metabolic, autoimmunity and toxins. Members also receive actionable insights from doctors based on their results.

Equinox vice president of strategic partnerships Julia Klim says the collaboration between the luxury lifestyle and fitness brand and Function Health reflects the next chapter in healthspan and longevity

“This partnership represents a new era in personalized, performance-driven health, integrating the highest standards in personal training with cutting-edge research and data across nutrition and regeneration,” Klim said.

It’s just another forward-thinking service that Equinox continues to provide, following a recent collaboration with Aescape, which will introduce fully-automated massage beds to select Equinox clubs in NYC this spring.

In a recent appearance on Athletech News’ “Unscripted” podcast, Klim noted Equinox’s ongoing conversations and innovations surrounding prevention and longevity as Equinox members desire self-betterment. 

“We really are a way of living brand more than we are a fitness brand,” Klim said, noting Equinox’s four pillars — movement, nutrition, regeneration and community. “We’re innovating to getting closer to healthcare and doing more personalization.”

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Dr. Hyman, co-founder and chief medical officer of Function Health, said the partnership marks an “historical moment” where health breaks out of the traditional setting of a doctor’s office and extends beyond the fitness club. Hyman has also been welcomed to the Equinox Health Advisory Board as Equinox ramps up its holistic and longevity-centered services. 

“By combining Equinox’s expertise with Function Health’s 100+ lab test approach, we’re unlocking a level of health and fitness that surpasses even what top doctors and biohackers can access,” Hyman said.

In recent months, Equinox has also unveiled a specialized training program for members who are on GLP-1s, designed to combat the loss of lean muscle and promote long-lasting health habits. 

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