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Serotonin Centers Expands as Longevity Franchises Flourish

Serotonin Centers Expands as Longevity Franchises Flourish

Entrepreneurs, investors and consumers alike are all-in on longevity centers, which promise to slow aging and boost overall wellness

Serotonin Centers is expanding its longevity and anti-aging franchise concept in Chicago with three new locations, its latest in a spate of expansion moves.

The med-spa brand, named after the feel-good hormone, has 100 franchises open and under development, with its first location in Chicago’s DuPage County expected to open within the year. Other upcoming Serotonin Centers locations include New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, Missouri and North Carolina. 

Behind the longevity service is New Jersey native Eric Casaburi, founder of Retro Fitness and podcast host of “Aging Backward, Growing Forward.” On his website, the entrepreneur noted that the Serotonin brand might be the most valuable asset he’s created to date. 

Serotonin Centers offer popular treatments such as hormone replacement and IV drip therapy, medical weight loss, hair restoration, CoolSculpting, Botox and Hydrafacials, red light and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, as well as licensed medical practitioners and personal health coaches. 

Hormone optimization is also available under the guidance of a medical practitioner. The journey begins with a comprehensive lab panel to discover specific needs.

Casaburi noted that the Chicago launch is a tremendous opportunity for the Serotonin brand’s national footprint.

“Sitting just outside the third largest city in the country, this expansion drives us closer to our goal to be able to provide Serotonin’s incredible products and services to as many people as possible,” he said. “I’m excited to see the impact we have on the health and performance of residents in and around Chicagoland.”

The Longevity Franchise Boom

The longevity-focused franchise space is quickly growing, with Serotonin Centers competing with similar services provided by brands like Next Health, a longevity franchise with locations nationwide. The wellness concept has attracted one board-certified orthopedic surgeon, who has entered into a multi-unit area development agreement to expand Next Health in Florida. 

credit: Next Health

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Restore Hyper Wellness also continues to grow, with plans to open 500 locations over the next few years. The longevity franchise scored a $140 million investment led by General Atlantic in 2021 and just launched a full-service weight management program that integrates GLP-1s with InBody scans, a metabolic health blood panel and expert support. 

Investors Love Longevity

The anti-aging and longevity business is bright, with Deloitte noting that the market is attracting an “influx of funding” from not only investors but also academic institutions and governments. One supplement maker, Timeline, recently secured $66 million in a Series D round for its anti-aging products.

Deloitte said its analysis revealed that the top 50 longevity-focused companies raised more than $1 billion in venture funding as of 2020, an amount that continues to grow. Even more enlightening is Deloitte’s prediction that there will be a shift away from “sick care” in favor of one towards wellness – which has already begun

Unlike pure aesthetic services, there is a wider consumer appeal to easily book an appointment to help slow the aging process and feel improvement both mentally and physically. Boutique longevity centers may prove to be one of the most lucrative spaces in fitness and wellness in 2024 and beyond.

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