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Bala Eyes Wider Consumer Base With Target Retail Deal

Bala Eyes Wider Consumer Base With Target Retail Deal

Bala’s fitness accessories have traditionally been associated with higher-income individuals, but Target should broaden the brand’s reach

Over the last five years of health and wellness, Bala has been making a splash. Founded in 2018 by Natalie Holloway and Max Kislevitz, the fitness accessories brand has secured investments from Shark Tank investors Mark Cuban and Maria Sharapova and garnered the support of A-list celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Reese Witherspoon.

Now, Bala is embarking on its biggest retail launch to date with the retail giant Target. Starting in September, Target locations have begun to carry Bala’s workout accessories. 

“Target was always the North Star and a dream retail partner for us, and we are so excited that we are now available in 1,382 stores and at,” Holloway told Athletech News. “Target has such a loyal and large audience, so bringing Bala into more consumers’ lives across the country is what excites us.”

Bala’s mission has always been to enhance the fitness experience through innovative products that blend seamlessly with one’s lifestyle. Their signature offering, the Bala Bangles, are wearable weights that add extra resistance to activities but also come in a range of colors. The Bangles add some weight to workouts like yoga, aerobics, walking, core training, and Pilates. The product is made of steel wrapped in soft silicone, with elastic hoop and loop fasteners for a customized fit. 

credit: CorePower Yoga/Bala

During the pandemic, Bala’s growth exploded. In 2019, the brand hit $2 million in sales, after being picked up by stores and websites like Free People, goop, and Bandier. By the end of 2020, Bala reached $20 million in revenue. Target is the latest of Bala’s retail partnerships, but the store represents a different audience than many of its existing channels. Bala has traditionally been associated with higher-income fitness-focused individuals, but Target has the potential to broaden this reach to different demographics. 

The brand is hoping that through its partnership with Target, more people will have access to its fitness products to enhance and elevate their workouts.

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“Our business model is approximately one-third DTC, one-third wholesale/retail and one-third Amazon,” Holloway shares. “Now with a partner like Target, next year could look completely different, which is exciting.”

At Target, Bala products will come in a range of colors, like the new ‘Ocean’ shade, as well as classic color options like Charcoal and Blush. Bala Bangles will be available in both 1 lb and 2 lb options, and can be strapped to wrists or ankles. In addition, Bala Bars and Bala Bands will be available. 

Update: This article was updated with quotes from Natalie Holloway

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