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Youll Answers the Tough Engagement Challenges Content Creators Face

Youll Answers the Tough Engagement Challenges Content Creators Face

With Youll, wellness creators gain consistent engagement, paving the way for a steady revenue stream

If you’re a coach, personal trainer, yoga instructor, holistic advisor or anyone working to build an online community and monetize your content, you know that success equals engagement and retention. The bigger the consistent following, the more accomplished you’ll be.

While this sounds straightforward, the digital realm is titanic, and carving a niche – and hanging onto it – in this vastness can be a colossal challenge. Even the most compelling content and captivating creator can easily get lost in the noise, leading to dwindling user engagement and ultimately, a decrease in revenue. 

What’s the answer?

Equip Yourself with the Best Tools

Work in Progress, the agency behind the Headspace app, has created Youll as a solution. Fashioned specifically for wellness creators, Youll allows content creators to build an app designed to be smart and ‘sticky’ to answer the many challenges that come with engagement and retention.

“The digital realm offers a unique opportunity to forge bonds that can be profoundly personal and impactful, says Youll Founder and CEO Alex Bejan. “Youll is specifically designed to help create these bonds and ensure that they remain strong. This sustained engagement translates to consistent growth, both in terms of audience size and revenue.”

Youll CEO Alex Bejan (credit: Youll)

Bejan points to the team behind Youll as a pivotal factor in what makes the solution so effective for the industry. 

“While there are numerous app builders available, none are specifically tailored for wellness creators,” he notes. “Youll draws from our rich legacy of innovation and the insights we’ve gained from our work with Headspace. This ensures that our users don’t have to reinvent the wheel but can leverage engagement and retention tools that have been proven for success.”

The platform boasts over 100 tools specifically designed for creators to monetize the content they’re producing.

In terms of engagement tools, Bejan tells Athletech News that Push Notifications is an important one. Creators can send updates, reminders, news or motivational messages to their community. And, unlike traditional social media platforms, Youll’s scheduling feature allows users to set daily self-care reminders for specific practices ensuring further interaction with the app. 

“Instead of hoping that content surfaces on a follower’s feed as with a social media platform, creators can control communication by proactively sending push notifications to their premium members, ensuring direct and timely connections,” Bejan says. “This consistent engagement, a lesson we’ve gleaned from our experience with Headspace, is pivotal for retention.”

credit: Youll

Youll also uses the power of gamification to showcase accomplishments and foster community with challenges, leaderboards, rewards, streak motivation and more.

Taking the idea of personalization even further, apps built by Youll include a quiz feature that pulls individual information and then curates a unique journey for each user.

One-size-fits-all rarely works in the realm of wellness,” Bejan explains. “Our tools allow creators to offer tailored experiences, ensuring that each user feels that the content is crafted just for them and that they are on their own journey.”

These user “journeys” are intended to create a sense of progression that keeps them committed as well. The app allows creators to unlock course sessions for users sequentially, Bejan says. 

“There is so much power in a step-by-step process,” he notes. “It provides users with a path and milestones. Whether it’s mastering a new yoga pose or progressing through a meditation series, this approach greatly facilitates return visits to the app.”

Direct Engagement Over Algorithms

Why choose an app over social media platforms?

“Being at the mercy of social media algorithms means valuable content can often go unseen or reach only a fraction of the intended audience, leading to decreased engagement and potential drop-offs,” Bejan answers.

“Relying solely on a social media platform is akin to building a mansion on rented land,” he adds. “While these platforms offer visibility, they come with inherent vulnerabilities. In the event of unforeseen circumstances or ‘black swan’ events, years of hard work can vanish overnight.” 

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Youll’s intent is to empower creators to keep control of their content and engagement strategies.

Democratizing Access

An app that offers all of this begs the question: what does it take to develop it? App creation is not inexpensive and can require specializations and at the very least, for the creator to be tech-savvy.

As an answer, Youll has developed a step-by-step process to build and edit the app using a large palette of pre-built modules. A monthly subscription fee includes engineering, quality assurance, product management and user experience, so creators don’t need to be distracted by product issues, maintenance or security concerns.

“Despite offering premium quality and features, we’ve priced Youll at a point that’s accessible to creators of all scales,” Bejan notes.“We believe in democratizing access to the best tools without breaking the bank.”

Scale Your Charisma for the Win

Another thing Bejan talks about is what he calls scaling charisma. 

“While the charisma of a wellness creator is invaluable, our tools ensure that this charisma is not confined to a limited audience,” the Youll CEO notes.”By leveraging digital tools, charismatic creators can scale their reach, touching the lives of people worldwide. This global reach, combined with personalized tools, means that a creator can be a local guide on a global scale.”

In the end, Bejan says the tools at Youll aren’t just about content delivery; they’re about forging connections, building trust and ensuring that every user feels a deep, personal bond with the creator.

“It’s this bond that transforms casual users into loyal advocates and ensures the long-term success of a wellness app,” he says.

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