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Amped Fitness Touts New Offerings, Big Plans for 2024

Amped Fitness Touts New Offerings, Big Plans for 2024

Amped Fitness, a Florida-based gym chain, is touting that its ample fitness amenities and offerings align with 2024’s top health and wellness trends. Known for its positive gym ethos, blue mood lighting and content-friendly areas designed for fitness content creators, Amped Fitness recently opened its first Sapphire location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

The location marks one of five new Amped Fitness gyms in the southern region of the Sunshine State that is part of the brand’s corporate expansion.

Amped Fitness’s Sapphire spots offer sparkling new facilities with luxury-style amenities and a touch of exclusivity that ensures the comfort of its members. Along with its Fort Lauderdale location’s grand opening, Amped Fitness plans to launch Sapphire facilities in Sarasota, Tampa, Plantation and Daytona Beach. 

Guests at Sapphire locations can expect strict enforcement of an 18-and-over- age policy and state-of-the-art equipment from Core, Amped, Prime, Total Gym, Booty Builder and specialty machines such as the Reverse Hyper Extension, Standing Abductor and Horizontal Leg Press. Other amenities include instructor-led and virtual group classes, a recovery zone, tanning, saunas, a women’s only Babe Cave and a Functional Freedom Zone.

“We are stoked to continue our Florida takeover with these 5 new locations,” said Travis Labazzo, CEO of Amped Fitness.

Aligned With 2024 Trends

As for its in-gym offerings and recognizing the popularity of group fitness and hybrid workout options, Amped Fitness re-introduced its popular AX3 Group Training this year for VIP members to access free HIIT and strength training classes. Members can also work out in the Functional Freedom Zone, an open turf area with fitness equipment and accessories or work with one of the certified personal trainers for a results-driven and time-efficient 30-minute training session.

The fitness franchise has also begun focusing on promoting a mind-body connection, with the addition of yoga classes that integrate deep breathing and meditation and a fun dance fitness experience with Zumba. Virtual on-demand classes are also available to satisfy members who prefer a hybrid approach to fitness.  

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Post-workout, Amped Fitness members can head to the Recovery Zone to use massage guns, enjoy HydroMassage beds and CryoLounge+ chairs from WellnessSpacee Brands, Normatec Boots from Hyperice, or use a Body Composition Scanner to keep themselves on track to meet their health goals.

Aside from scaling in Florida and its two locations in Alabama, Amped Fitness is headed to Indiana in the new year, a result of its first franchise partnership with Matt and Kyana Carrico. 

The low-cost, high-value fitness franchise offers 24/7 access for a no-contract monthly base membership price of $9.99 with a capped $26.99 VIP tier, providing flexibility and affordability — ideal for busy consumers in a challenging economic landscape.

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