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From ‘Babe Caves’ to Hyperice: Amped Fitness Rolls Out VIP Member Perks

From ‘Babe Caves’ to Hyperice: Amped Fitness Rolls Out VIP Member Perks

The low-cost gym chain offers seemingly endless boutique-style amenities for its top membership tier

Amped Fitness has unveiled next-level VIP membership amenities to complement its community-based workout experience, part of its high-value, low-cost approach. 

The fitness franchise has looked to pair luxury-level amenities with a fun fitness-focused atmosphere, recently acquiring four former YouFit gyms in Florida, which will convert to Amped Fitness.

Amped gyms offer 24/7 access to facilities, which feature a functional fitness space that includes machines, a functional jungle gym, kettlebells up to 150 pounds and holographic barbells, all set under a blue-light aesthetic.

In addition to Amped Fitness’ ‘Abs and Glutes’ zone, which offers a variety of core-strengthening and glute-building machines, the clubs also feature advanced machines like a reverse hyperextension, a pin-loaded lateral raise and an extensive cardio deck.

While basic membership provides access to top-of-the-line fitness equipment, saunas and a fitness assessment, Amped Fitness VIP members benefit from a long list of amenities, including child care.

Amped Fitness has gone to new levels to offer women their own curated VIP workout space, Babe Cave, with upper and lower body equipment so they can work out comfortably. The space is mindfully decorated with magenta LED lights, decorated grass walls and fun neon signs, should female fitness enthusiasts opt to take a selfie. 

credit: Amped Fitness

The fitness franchise also offers complimentary 1-on-1 fitness assessments, including a comprehensive body composition scan, providing measurements of water levels, bone density, body fat and muscle mass in under 5 minutes. The personalized analysis assists members and trainers with creating new programs and setting goals.

VIP members of Amped Fitness also have access to the club’s personal trainers and app, where trainers can stay in contact with clients for nutrition advice, progress tracking and check-ins. PT Bootcamp is another benefit, offering exclusive group training sessions to current personal training clients twice a week.

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Amped Fitness also offers VIP members AX3 group training that concentrates on high-intensity workouts for strength, endurance and mobility. Amped Flow yoga classes are also available multiple times a week for VIP members to enjoy Hatha-Power yoga or Vinyasa flow. 

After a challenging workout, Amped Fitness members can head to the Recovery Zone. The area, available to VIP members, includes massage guns, Hydromassage beds, CryroBeds and Normatec Boots. Saunas and tanning beds are also available.

Amped Fitness memberships start at $9.99 per month for a basic plan and go up to $22.99 per month for a zero-enrollment VIP plan, which includes access to all amenities.

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