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24 Hour Fitness Adds Cold Plunge, Saunas to New California Gyms

24 Hour Fitness Adds Cold Plunge, Saunas to New California Gyms

24 Hour Fitness is adding a host of boutique wellness services to its two California clubs opening this month

24 Hour Fitness has added two new California locations in Roseville and Irvine that boast boutique wellness offerings including infrared saunas, a cold plunge pool and yoga, providing members with a well-rounded health and wellness experience that goes beyond traditional fitness.

The addition of the California clubs brings the total number of 24 Hour Fitness gym locations to 280 across 11 states, with both gyms opening this month. The fitness company recently celebrated its 40th anniversary this summer.

The two new California locations represent the company’s latest vision of holistic fitness. 24 Hour Fitness will combine strength, cardio, basketball and aquatics with restorative offerings like yoga, sauna, cold plunge and mobility training in the two latest locations.

“We’ve worked diligently over the last 40 years to grow and serve our members,” said 24 Hour Fitness CEO Karl Sanft. “As we move together into the future with a new definition of fitness, one that includes mental as well as physical elements, we want our clubs to reflect that growth. These two clubs represent the kinds of services we want all our members to enjoy as they set their fitness goals and build their best lives.”

The Roseville and Irvine clubs will feature infrared saunas, yoga for restoration and recovery, as well as Modus mobility training, self-directed exercise areas and 1:1 personal training and coaching. The Roseville location features the company’s first cold plunge pool, as well as an Olympic training rig and TRX suspension training. 

Cold plunging has become one of the leading recovery and wellness trends this year, with proponents touting its numerous benefits, such as improved mental health and performance, increased metabolism and muscular recovery. Like cold water therapy, heat is another popular way for wellness enthusiasts to relax and recover, with infrared saunas garnering attention from Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow.

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“Our most recent club openings represent our new perspective on holistic fitness, an approach that values movement, recovery, mindfulness, and proper fuel, as much as physical training,” a 24 Hour Fitness spokesperson told Athletech News. “Whether in our app, our clubs or our partnerships, we want to deliver this vision to our members all across the U.S.”

The Irvine location opens Aug. 5, and the Roseville club will open Aug. 12.

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