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TRX Acquires YBell Fitness To Enhance Functional Training Ecosystem

TRX Acquires YBell Fitness To Enhance Functional Training Ecosystem

The deal sees TRX add YBell’s kettlebell-dumbbell combo product to its line of functional training equipment

TRX, a global leader in functional training equipment and education, has acquired YBell, a fitness equipment company known for making a kettlebell-dumbbell hybrid.

The acquisition is meant to enhance TRX’s ecosystem so fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers and gym owners can have greater access to a range of functional training equipment and education, the company said.

TRX, founded in 2004 by former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick, offers an education curriculum that features a YBell certification and YBell content on its TRX Training Club app. The company says the app now boasts over 1,000 fitness classes and weekly live classes. 

“We are thrilled to welcome YBell to the TRX family. Our product philosophy is to offer high utility with low frills,” Hetrick said of the acquisition. “Combining a kettlebell and dumbbell into a single piece of equipment that improves the experience of both is one of those generational inventions that we strive to offer to the market. Their innovation in functional training tools aligns perfectly with our mission to empower people to move better and live healthier lives.”

For the Australia-based YBell, the acquisition signals a significant milestone, said the company’s founder Aaron “Az” Laurence.

“We have always believed in the power of functional training and creating products that challenge and inspire individuals to achieve their fitness goals,” Laurence said. “By joining TRX and tapping into their twenty-year track record of innovation, we accelerate our reach of a wider audience and continue our mission of transforming the way people train.”

With Az in the mix, TRX CEO Jack Daly says the functional training equipment and education company will double its generational inventor pool.

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“Alongside our new industry-leading supply chain and globally recognized education certification, we are confident that the combination of TRX’s expertise and YBell Fitness’ innovative patented designs will drive the category forward and elevate the training experience for our customers,” Daly said.

Earlier this year, TRX signed a multi-year lease for a 12,000-square-foot property in Delray Beach, moving its global headquarters from San Francisco to Florida.

The relocation was part of the company’s “dramatic revitalization” following its re-acquisition by Hetrick and newly appointed CEO Daly.

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