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Zumba To Launch VR Fitness Studio Through FitXR

Zumba To Launch VR Fitness Studio Through FitXR

The Zumba studio will offer 32 classes with a variety of music tracks and come in a mixed reality version in addition to VR

Zumba, the global leader in dance fitness, is bringing its high-energy dance experience to the virtual world, thanks to a new partnership with FitXR, a VR workout platform available on the Meta Quest.

Through the collaboration, FitXR will immerse Zumba fans in a virtual and mixed reality experience, with both companies working together to create accessible and inclusive workouts for all. The new partnership was inspired by a qualitative survey conducted by FitXR, which revealed that users wanted more dance class options. Similarly, Zumba had received requests for VR product offerings.

The immersive Zumba experience will become available to FitXR users in early November.

Sam Cole, FitXR co-founder and CEO, noted that partnering with Zumba is a “game changer” for fitness enthusiasts who may have anxiety regarding in-person classes or those who don’t have access to a gym or studio or simply prefer to work out at home.

“We’ve worked closely with Zumba to make sure that the virtual experience is as energetic and lively as it is in person,” Cole said. “It’s great to see a well-established brand like Zumba expanding into the virtual world – with their brand value of making fitness fun, they are a perfect partner.”

credit: Zumba/FitXR

Intent on making the experience inclusive to all fitness levels, FitXR created a studio with levels that range from beginner to expert, along with features to help users develop confidence. While an expert trainer leads the class, a movement preview system is available in the corner of the screen to give users a sneak peek of upcoming moves. 

As Zumba’s magic lies in its fun “fitness party” and community atmosphere, FitXR blended Zumba’s lively vibe with ease of access, allowing users to participate in a class when convenient. Popular Zumba instructors like Jeimy Bueno and Dahrio Wonder will star in avatar form, while FitXR members will recognize dance trainer Sarah Eika Burke. 

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The Zumba studio will offer 32 classes with a variety of music tracks, as well as a mixed reality version in addition to VR, allowing users to move around their space more freely.

“By teaming up with FitXR, we were able to find the right partner that could capture the brand presence, music and energy that you find in an in-person Zumba class with the avatar and community technology to really bring the studio to life,” said Alberto Perlman, Zumba co-founder and CEO. “We’re excited to make Zumba even more accessible now in a virtual, immersive format.”

In an interview with Athletech News earlier this month, Perlman teased a series of upcoming new digital direct-to-consumer products and offerings from Zumba that he believes will bring the brand to even more consumers across the globe.

“Traditionally, there’s a phenomenon that anytime we launch direct-to-consumer products, we see a flood of new people into Zumba classes,” Perlman told ATN, alluding to Zumba’s famed DVD sales in the 2000s and later forays into video games on Xbox and Nintendo consoles.

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