Now Reading Joins WHOOP to Disrupt the Insurance Industry & Incentivize Hitting Health Goals
` Joins WHOOP to Disrupt the Insurance Industry & Incentivize Hitting Health Goals
The new hyper-personalized insurance program incentivizes wellness & rewards its customers in the United Arab Emirates

What if wearable tech biometrics were combined with a wellness-focused insurance program? We’re about to find out.

WHOOP, a human performance company, and have announced a partnership that combines physiological data with health insurance to create a forward-thinking wellness experience. With the collaboration, customers in the United Arab Emirates will be provided 24/7 biometric monitoring with actionable feedback from WHOOP, the official fitness wearable of the PGA and CrossFit., headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, is the first insurance company to offer wellness incentives through data analytics in order to hyper-personalize insurance and wellness. 

The idea was inspired by the UAE’s unique National Strategy for Wellbeing 2031 and is meant to use data to create healthier communities, says co-founder Javed Akberali.

Akberali and Vaibhav Kashyap, founders of the digital-forward, are aiming to disrupt the traditional insurance landscape. What distinguishes is its emphasis on well-being and prevention. Co-founder Kashyap recently explained that the insurance industry has spent far too long focusing solely on financial risk, and he believes that it is time to shift the emphasis to disease prevention.

Those in the UAE who buy insurance through will have access to WHOOP wearable technology and advanced analytics as they work to meet health goals and earn cash back incentives.

“Through our partnership with WHOOP, will enhance human engagement and drive behavioral change by leveraging granular health data from WHOOP to reduce insurance claims and hyper-personalize the insurance experience” says Kashyap, Co-Founder & CEO.

WHOOP and have created what they call a “wellness ecosystem” through educational wellness programs and initiatives that will assist users in making better lifestyle choices. Users who perform well in sleep performance, recovery, and strain will be eligible for cash back rewards from

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“Our partnership with will bring new benefits and innovation to healthcare,” says Mark McLaughlin, WHOOP Chief Business Officer. “We’re excited to help people prioritize their well-being and build healthier habits for life.” 

Biometrics and healthcare are becoming synonymous as more people become health-conscious and wearable technology becomes more widely available.

“WHOOP empowers people to make meaningful lifestyle changes and optimize their performance through continuous physiological monitoring and actionable feedback. The potential positive impact that this technology can have on healthcare for both individuals and communities remains largely untapped as we continue to innovate and make wearables more accessible,” a WHOOP spokesperson tells Athletech News.

Last year, WHOOP reached new heights with a $200 million investment from SoftBank, bringing the valuation to $3.6 billion. The wearable fitness company has caught the eye of professional athletes as well as Navy SEALs.

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