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As Strength Surges, Eleiko Helps Operators Build for the Future

As Strength Surges, Eleiko Helps Operators Build for the Future

Eleiko is a leader in strength training thanks to its rich history and dynamic engineering team. This translates into the world’s best equipment for gyms around the globe

With a storied history designing strength training equipment for professional athletes and weightlifting competitions, Eleiko products are built with that something special. 

“We don’t make compromises. We have our roots in competitive sports where equipment is heavily tested,” said Eleiko Commercial Director Oskar Ragvald. “That makes Eleiko products a bit different for most.”

However, strength training is no longer just for bodybuilders, powerlifters and athletes. As the modality surges in popularity, everyone is turning to Eleiko for its established quality. The brand is meeting that demand with the same principles forged from its upbringing in professional sports while keeping a keen eye on what everyday consumers want.

Creating Space for Strength Training 

For fitness facilities, the rise of strength training presents opportunities but also new challenges. 

“We speak to operators almost every day who are seeing changes in the way people train, such as spending prolonged times in racks,” said Ragvald by way of example. “They start a session stretching there and then do all their strength movements in the same place. While convenient for members, this can of course pose challenges for operators, they need more racks.” 

Oskar Ragvald (credit: Eleiko)

Eleiko’s Prestera system combats that head-on. The line of racks, rigs and cables features a frame size that optimizes the user experience, offering more space inside the frame when performing activities like bench pressing and additional clearance outside the rack for less interference when racking and unracking the barbell. Prestera allows for compact configurations due to a flexible modular system base.

“Prestera is designed to be space efficient,” said Ragvald. “It’s built from the thought of creating maximum training in the minimum amount of square meters or feet.”

Meeting More New Needs

Eleiko’s standing cable system and storage capabilities are vital components of Prestera as well. Both innovations also come from new consumer demands. 

“We had a lot of conversations with athletes, operators, and coaches and realized that cable training was something growing fast, but there was also a gap in the market,” explained  Ragvald. “A lot of the units out there today looked the same. A lot of the materials were not high quality, which means that you have a lot of issues with high-volume usage. We saw an opportunity.” 

The Prestera Cable Attachment system seamlessly integrates into the rack frames in a single or dual-stack configuration. Eight large aluminum pulleys, generous cable length, and a selection of handles ensure a smooth and safe training experience across a wide range of exercises.

credit: Eleiko

The storage system meets a need that has plagued the strength training industry dating back to Ragvald’s days as an operator. 

“When it comes to storage, it has almost been a  forgotten category,” Ragvald said. “I used to be an operator of a big gym chain in the Nordics and when we built clubs, we almost always had to go to the hardware store to buy boards, boxes or shelves to be able to store equipment in the facility. With the new training behaviors and more people using strength products, the need for equipment accessibility has accelerated.” 

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“So we created a storage system, fully integrated with Prestera, that can be built in a modular way,” he added. “The storage can be integrated into racks or rigs, built as free-standing units or using wall space making sure equipment is accessible and spaces remain tidy.” ou have the right storage with baskets, boards and different kinds of shelves. You really make the equipment accessible.”

Trust the Strength Training Leaders 

Eleiko’s history, staff and widespread commitment to strength training give it a natural edge in innovating strength training concepts and executing development projects.  

“If there was one thing that I say we do better than a lot of other companies, it’s that we always keep the user experience central in our development process,” said Ragvald. “Our commitment to precision craftsmanship, stringent tolerances, use of premium materials and attention to detail deliver the ultimate lifting experience, something athletes have dubbed the ‘Eleiko feeling.’ 

“In the end, that is what Eleiko is doing differently,” he adds.

Part of this ideology is an understanding that the job is never finished. Eleiko believes this is only the start for the rise of strength training. The brand intends to help fitness facilities across the globe usher in its next stages. 

“People’s quest for living a longer and healthier life along with more access to training will make them conscious about how they train and more likely to include strength in their workout routines,” Ragvald said

“We’ll work hard to stay close to operators and athletes to understand their needs and wishes,” he added. “We are continuously raising our bar for what we believe is ‘best in class.’ That is something that’s ongoing for us and our North Star.” 

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