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Self Esteem Brands Shares 5 Keys to Franchise Success 

Self Esteem Brands Shares 5 Keys to Franchise Success 

Anytime Fitness’ parent company offers advice for prospective franchisees looking to build a thriving gym or studio 

Self Esteem Brands’ portfolio spans a wide range of fitness and wellness concepts, which include Anytime Fitness, Basecamp Fitness, The Bar Method and Waxing the City. The company attributes its continued success to the hard work of its many franchisees. 

Whether they’re part of a mega brand like the 5,000-plus Anytime Fitness locations or an emerging concept like the 22-studio Basecamp model, Self Esteem Brands is equally committed to providing these entrepreneurs with the tools and support they need to win. 

“We own some of the parts of helping them to go from never owning a business perhaps all the way to being a successful business owner in a successful franchise, regardless of which brand it is,” Nick Herrild, president – studio division, Waxing the City, told Athletech News.

Ultimately though, it’s up to the franchisees to use those resources to build their businesses. 

Here, Herrild and Stacy Anderson, global brand president, Anytime Fitness, share their tips for finding success as a fitness franchisee. 

Know Your ‘Why’

Business ownership can be challenging no matter what industry you enter and fitness is no different. What gets you through the tough times, Anderson said, is a genuine love for the space. 

“Ultimately, it comes back to a values alignment. We talk about people, purpose, profits and play here,” Anderson said. “We care about franchisees that have purpose, that care about what they’re doing. You could go into a QSR and probably make more money than you would with a fitness franchise. We care about people that want to improve the health of the community.”

Stacy Anderson (credit: Self Esteem Brands)

In her experience, franchisees who align with this mindset are better positioned to achieve their business goals. 

Select the Right Brand

Once you’re sure a career in fitness or wellness is for you, the next step is to find the brand and leadership team that best match your working style and needs. Every franchisor operates differently and each offers a different level and type of support. Anderson advises that prospective franchisees really tune into what makes a specific franchisor tick.

“I think it’s really important to understand their relationship with the franchisor and whether or not they have open dialogue, what that culture is like, if it’s a high-performance culture. You should get a sense of who you’re working with because ultimately, you’re business partners and it’s a symbiotic relationship,” Anderson said. “You should get to know the people and feel confident in who they are. And if you don’t, that should be a warning sign that maybe that isn’t the right fit for you.” 

Look for a team that has your best interests at heart and sees you as more than a revenue generator, she added.

Be Coachable

Look for a brand that has enough experience to provide you with a playbook for success—and be prepared to follow it. 

“It’s on us as a franchisor to help a franchisee build baseline skills and to be able to figure out their financial acumen and to help them become business operators. And so, we look for owners that are willing to be coachable and follow the system, and that’s a broad diverse range of people,” Herrild said. “If we say, ‘Hey, the best way to do this is to add two cups of flour,’ and you add three, you’re making it real hard for yourself, and you don’t need to do that.”

Nick Herrild (credit: Self Esteem Brands)

One of the main advantages of opening a fitness franchise is there is a business model already in place. Herrild said it’s counterproductive to ignore it.

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Tap Into Your Support System

The franchise business model comes with a built-in community made up of both cohorts and consultants. Herrild and Anderson said franchisees that flourish are often the ones that capitalize on the wisdom of both the franchisor and their fellow business owners. 

“When you have tough times, the great news about being in a franchise is you can look up and talk to your franchise business consultants. We’re here as kind of your support network” Anderson said.

“I also think that franchisees who become part of that franchise community in a positive way, use the resources [and] help new franchisees once they become more experienced, build a culture,” Herrild added.

Don’t forget to lean into that ecosystem when you face a challenge. Chances are it’s not unique to your location and others may have advice that can help.

Be Self Aware

It’s really important to know your strengths and the areas that might present more of a challenge for you personally. This self-awareness will help you select the right brand as well as build a team that speaks to all of the needs of your business. 

“This is a service business and if you don’t happen to be (customer service oriented) as a franchisee, then you hire somebody who is. You can teach just about anyone to run a gym or a HITT franchise, but you can’t teach them to be people people generally.” Anderson said, by way of example.

To achieve success, you’ll either need to bring or hire all of the skills, talents and traits your fitness franchise will need to excel.

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