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Rumble Surpasses 200 Signed Franchise Agreements

Rumble Surpasses 200 Signed Franchise Agreements

Eight months after launching its franchise opportunity, Rumble achieves a milestone

Rumble, one of Xponential Fitness’s fastest growing concepts, has announced that it has exceeded 200 signed franchise agreements in less than a year since being acquired by Xponential. The achievement makes Rumble the fastest to achieve this milestone in the Xponential family.

Xponential’s expansive portfolio includes Club Pilates, Pure Barre, CycleBar, YogaSix, Row House, StretchLab, AKT, STRIDE, and BFT.


Rumble says its franchise agreements have been signed to bring its boxing studios to Miami, Dallas, Austin, Nashville, Denver, San Francisco, Atlanta, Boston, Houston and Minneapolis among other cities. Rumble also has signed master agreements in Australia and New Zealand.

Rumble CEO Ashley Camerini told Athletech News last February that expanding its brick-and-mortar presence was part of Rumble’s strategy.

“As humans, we are social at our core. Introvert or extrovert, the majority of people prefer to be around other people if they have a choice. We crave community and seek out experiences with like-minded individuals. Rumble studios were born to be a place where people could connect and share in a common goal – and that, I believe, will return with a vengeance after the pandemic. So physical locations will continue to be a large part of the brand’s strategy and offerings going forward,” Camerini told us. 

The group fitness boxing brand was founded in 2017 in New York City and features motivational trainers leading 45-minute classes.

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“It has been amazing to see the overwhelming interest in Rumble from entrepreneurs since the brand joined the Xponential family in March last year,” says Shaun Grove, President of Rumble. “Rumble has a strong brand presence and the franchise opportunity is clearly resonating in the fitness and franchising world. We are excited to be working with new owners across the country to make their business dreams a reality.”

Last year, the boxing brand launched Rumble TV, a live and on-demand workout platform for at-home fitness enthusiasts.

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