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G2 Awards Trainerize as the #1 Software for Personal Trainers

G2 Awards Trainerize as the #1 Software for Personal Trainers

Trainerize says nutrition will be a big focus in 2022 & will announce integrations with wearable tech

G2 has awarded Trainerize the title of premiere software for personal trainers. The news comes as the fitness coaching software market is experiencing a global boom.

Trainerize offers fitness business software for those in the fitness industry, allowing coaches to connect with members, attract new clients, and digitize training. In March, Trainerize will be hosting an online networking summit called TZ Collective

G2 used review scores from its user community and data from online sources and networks. Trainerizer was found to help fitness pros easily track client information, create plans, schedule meetings, and manage client payments. G2 says that Trainerize exceeded its criteria.

“The recognition of Trainerize as a Leader in Personal Training Software is monumental,” says Trainerize President Sharad Mohan. “G2 is known to base its award criteria off of real-life consumer reviews and it’s so important to see all of this fantastic feedback from our users. It is even more pivotal to be recognized by your clients and peers! It is a testament of the Trainerize team’s dedication to our consumer base and how we will continue to drive the 360-degree wellness approach.”

Along with the recognition for best training software, Trainerize was also given badges in the following categories:

  • Best Meets Requirements
  • Best Usability
  • Best Results
  • Best Relationship
  • Leader
  • Most Implementable
  • Users Most Likely To Recommend 

Trainerize tells us that nutrition will become a big focus this year.

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“We see nutrition coaching becoming a default in personal training programs. That’s why we’re building a smart meal planning tool. It’ll enable trainers to give recommendations — % breakdown of nutrients and number of calories per day — and the system will spit out a meal plan. From there, control is in the client’s hand. They can pick and choose, mark favorite meals, and track automatically from there. Abs are made in the kitchen — and with your personal trainer,” a Trainerize spokesperson tells Athletech News.

Trainerize will also have new product features and integrations with big wearable tech brands. The fitness tech company says it will make announcements soon.

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