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Healthy Aging in the Palm of Your Hand with Reboot Your Age App

Healthy Aging in the Palm of Your Hand with Reboot Your Age App

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A new partnership between Great Age Reboot, Inc. and Posit Science marks the beginning of a new chapter in cognitive health with the Reboot Your Age app

Many studies have proven that training one’s brain with cognitive exercises helps to keep the mind sharp and body healthy. Now, with a newly announced partnership between digital health company Great Age Reboot, Inc. and brain training software company Posit Science, a new age in cognitive longevity is unfolding with the former’s app, Reboot Your Age. With this business partnership, old and new app customers can now expect access to Posit Science’s BrainHQ brain fitness training exercises, thus getting an improved Reboot Your Age experience.

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Great Age Reboot, Inc. founder Michael Roizen, M.D. explains, “I subscribe to the basic mantra, ‘use it or lose it.’ When you’re consistently working your brain you’re promoting the growth of neurons, connections, and the hippocampus, which is a function of healthy aging. Reboot Your Age users learn to adopt daily habits to better their brain, physical activity, diet, sleep, and stress management for a truly holistic longevity program that reduces disability and fosters living younger for longer.” 

The app was unveiled this September as a doctor-approved lifestyle program dedicated to encouraging individuals to make healthier choices that would turn back the clock on their age. “It’s my life’s mission to help people reboot their ages, so they have the ability to do what they love for longer,” said Roizen at the time of Reboot Your Age’s launch.  

Roizen added, “There are 14 areas of medical breakthroughs and scientific discoveries that have a substantial chance of becoming reality in the next 10 years, and these advancements will extend disability-free life spans by as much as 30 years. Ninety is likely to be the new 40. We must start living younger now.”

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Great Age Reboot, Inc. CEO Corey Bridges checked in with Athletech News to give some more exclusive insight into Dr. Roizen’s decision to collaborate with Posit Science for the benefit of the Reboot Your Age app and cognitive health as a whole.

“The person who introduced Dr. Mike [Roizen] and [I] is Patrick Cox, our Chief Scientific Officer. Patrick said, ‘Mike and I were thinking there might be a way that technology can help people reboot their age.’ So I jumped on a call with Dr. Mike and on maybe the second or third call where we’re just sort of feeling each other out and asking questions. Mike said, ‘… I want to do something for longevity like what Brain HQ does for cognitive health.’ Right from the very beginning of the origins of our company Mike had held up Posit Science and Brain HQ as exemplars of what can be done using technology in terms of health and wellness.”

Posit Science CEO Henry Mahncke went on to explain to Athletech News the importance of Dr. Roizen’s work in relation to just how revolutionary Reboot Your Age is for many people concerned about their brain’s health.

“Mike Roizen [is] really one of the first people to say medicine needs to be about taking care of ourselves and keeping us well,” began Mahncke. He added, “On our end, Brain HQ was founded by Michael Merzenich, who we also call Dr. Mike. What Mike Merzenich is known for was his discovery of [the concept of the adult brain being plastic]. It’s capable of change and rewiring itself. That was, of course, a breakthrough discovery. People used to think that the adult brain could not change — it was just going to wear out over time. Between one Dr. Mike recognizing that the brain could change and rewire itself and another Dr. Mike realizing that the future of healthcare is taking care of ourselves so that our brains stay sharp and our bodies stay healthy, like they say peanut butter and chocolate came together.”

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Both Bridges and Mahncke expressed that products like Reboot Your Age created between Great Age Reboot, Inc and Posit Science are being built for those within each company in mind and also for “our parents, our aunts, our uncles, and people who frankly don’t have a lot of representation in Silicon Valley.”

At the core of using Reboot Your Age is, what Bridges stressed, the ability to choose how to improve upon one’s health. “It’s all about giving the user more control about what information they can find, what information they can track, and then we want to offer them greater power in what we reflect back to them. To show them patterns in their behavior, areas of their success, areas where they may or may not choose to want to do better and letting the users drive the journey,” Bridges stated.

“It’s all about keeping choice squarely in the hands of our users.” In lieu of providing more options of health empowerment, Great Age Reboot, Inc. has also teamed up with Revive Health Reboot Your Age. This business partnership will match Reboot Your Age users with Revive Health nurse practitioners who will be on board to answer health-related questions and assist with health tracking support, progress management and more. 

Reboot Your Age includes quizzes, games, articles, videos, and more and only takes five to 10 minutes out of one’s day to gain its maximum benefits. Consumers can also track health benchmarks such as their sleeping habits, steps and supplement/medication intake. You can download the app via the Apple App Store and Google Play. A free 10-day trial of the app precedes subscription payment of $34.99 monthly or $299.99 per year.

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