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Promountings Acquires Aqua Training Bag in Boxing Equipment Deal

Promountings Acquires Aqua Training Bag in Boxing Equipment Deal

A one-stop shop for boxing fitness equipment is taking shape with Promountings’ recent acquisition of Aqua Training Bag

Promountings, a leading boxing fitness equipment manufacturing company for home gyms and boutique studios, is tightening its grip on what hangs from its state-of-the-art mounts and racks. 

Promountings has acquired Aqua Training Bag, a global supplier of water-filled punching bags. The acquisition promises to put more of the boxing industry’s most dynamic bags on some of its most critically acclaimed mounts and opens up further opportunities for collaboration between the two brands. 

“By combining our strengths and expertise, we are well-positioned to revitalize the Aqua Training Bag brand with new exciting products, enhance current ones and enter the large retailers around the world,” said Royce Negron, president of Promountings. “Our companies are vertically integrated and now will work cohesively in the same ecosystem perfectly positioned for growth.”

Promountings already features I-Beam, rafter, ceiling, roller, wall and speed bag mounts. The company carries a number of modular bag racks along with the aqua bags. It also manufactures pull-up bars as well as other accessories such as hooks, chains and springs to fully equip anyone looking to enhance their boxing fitness experience. 

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The Pennsylvania-based Promountings outfits fitness industry heavyweights including Rumble Boxing, Gold’s Gym, TRX and LA Fitness with their boxing equipment needs.

Founded in 2015, Aqua Training Bag offers water-filled boxing punching bags, which are said to be more flexible and lack the hard spots commonly found in sand-filled bags. This makes injury more preventable with Aqua bags and allows them to offer a more real-life feel upon striking — making them ideal for MMA fighters or professional boxers, the company says. They’re also easier to transport and fill. 

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