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Product of the Week: The Power Plate Move Will Level Up Your At-Home Workouts

Product of the Week: The Power Plate Move Will Level Up Your At-Home Workouts

The Power Plate Move vibrates up to 40 times per second, making traditional exercises more challenging but also more efficient
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In the 1960s, the first vibrating exercise platform was developed to help Soviet astronauts build their physical fitness. Today, the technology promises the ability to intensify standard workout moves for people of all levels.

Power Plate, founded more than 20 years ago, has emerged as a market leader with almost ten whole-body vibration plates, from at-home to commercial versions. Celebrities like Mark Wahlberg have joined the company as brand ambassadors and investors.

Athletech News tried the Power Plate Move, a column-less version of the brand’s standard vibration plate designed primarily for at-home use, to see if it can deliver on its promise of leveling up workouts.  


The Power Plate can vibrate up to 40 times a second, sending small vibrations throughout the body. Because your body is fighting extra hard to remain stable during exercises, workouts are intensified. A one-minute plank felt twice as difficult, as did other exercises like push-ups and squats.

credit: Power Plate

Although it took a little while to get used to the vibration sensation, I found myself exerting much more energy and sinking into stretches more deeply once I did. The Power Plate deepens stretches or yoga poses, allowing for faster recovery post-workout. It also helps with pre-workout exercises, immediately activating muscles. 

One feature of the Power Plate Move that differentiates it from other vibration plates is its surface area. It has enough room to comfortably squat widely, and its slight U-shape makes it more comfortable for push-ups, planks, and yoga poses, like downward dog. It also has a rubber surface, which, while not soft, makes it more comfortable for crunches and other exercises that require lying down. 

credit: Power Plate

The Power Plate Move has four easy-to-control buttons: start, pause/stop, and buttons that decrease or increase intensity. The machine runs for nine minutes at a time unless you stop it early. Because workouts could be just as effective in half the time, the nine-minute limit makes sense, particularly from a safety perspective.  

Circulation issues are all too common these days, with many office workers failing to stand up and walk around enough. The Power Plate makes it easy to increase blood flow, which works to combat bone mineral density loss, which is particularly prevalent in older women. This can also speed up general recovery, increasing blood flow for physical therapy exercises. 

Power Plate’s app is also easy to use and comprehensive, with classes grouped by one’s goal or preferred exercise type. It also has a dedicated section for Trainers and fitness educators, which provides an introduction to the technology, coaching tips, and performance- and recovery-focused content. 

credit: Power Plate


The Power Plate Move is not small, at 30 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 9 inches tall. It can’t be stored vertically, which means it needs a dedicated space in a home gym or living room. It also weighs 87 pounds, so it is not the easiest to move around. For those with limited space in an apartment, it can fit well underneath a piece of furniture, however. 

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At around $3,495, (currently on sale for $2,796) the Power Plate is also expensive for a piece of workout equipment. The smaller Personal Power Plate is $1,895 (currently on sale for $1,516). Time-constrained consumers or those who need extra circulation or recovery benefits might find the extra cost worth it, though. The Move has a three-year warranty for hardware, one year for electronics, and one year for labor. For such an expensive product, the warranty seems short, which could be a risk when investing in the device. 

One other potential downside is that the vibration might shake other areas of your home, depending on where it is placed. In an apartment setting, it not only makes an audible sound but the vibrations can be felt by others nearby, depending on the type of flooring. It’s worth noting that Power Plate makes a Shield, available for $375, that’s designed to reduce residual vibrations.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Power Plate Move is a great way to level up workouts with limited time and promote stability and circulation. Although the price tag is high, it can deliver better results faster, whether your goal is strength, stability, or recovery. 

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Correction: The Power Plate Move vibrates up to 40 times per second, not 50 as a previous version of this article stated.

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