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Prime IV Hydration & Wellness Plans Phoenix Expansion

Prime IV Hydration & Wellness Plans Phoenix Expansion

As consumers seek quick-acting relief, Prime IV Hydration & Wellness is growing its footprint in Arizona with six franchise locations

Prime IV Hydration & Wellness, a wellness clinic, has announced plans to expand in Phoenix with six franchise locations currently in development. 

The well-being company is currently operating in 32 states, with over 150 new spas either open or being built. The upcoming Arizona-based spa locations are slated to open in Peoria, Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa and Goodyear.

“We recently opened our spa location on High Street and were quick to attract attention from residents of our local community,” said Dana Kupper, Phoenix franchisee for Prime IV.

The wellness spa provides IV vitamin treatments that promote optimal health and can also treat hangovers, enhance the immune system, combat fatigue and dehydration, regulate appetite and reduce stress. The services are delivered in a relaxing spa environment, where zero-gravity massage chairs are available for VIP members and first-time guests. 

The approach aligns with the growing desire of consumers to experiment with holistic, non-invasive boutique wellness therapies with little to no downtime.

According to Prime IV Hydration & Wellness, IV treatment is ideal for quick-acting results since it enables vitamins and minerals to circulate through the bloodstream quickly during a low-risk, minimally intrusive process administered by licensed medical staff. Unlike its competitors, Prime IV Hydration & Wellness says its formulations have between five to nine additives, as opposed to others with only three to five. 

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“Educating the general public on the value and impact of IV therapy has always been one of our team’s focal points,” said Amy Neary, founder and CEO of Prime IV Hydration & Wellness. “And seeing that effort pay off whether it be Phoenix or anywhere else, provides incredible uplift for us all to know that we’re heading in the proper direction.”

In addition to energy and anti-aging offerings, athletes and fitness enthusiasts can also benefit from IV therapies to rehydrate. Prime IV Hydration & Wellness offers a “Weekend Warrior” blend for athletes who need to feel revitalized and “The Champion” blend for recovery and performance.  

IV therapy has quickly grown in popularity in the U.S., with Grand View Research reporting that the IV hydration therapy market size was valued at 2.32 billion last year and is expected to grow in response to the prevalence of chronic diseases and the increased availability of IV clinics.

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