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The Perfect Match — Perfect Bar Announces New Collaboration with Pure Barre

The Perfect Match — Perfect Bar Announces New Collaboration with Pure Barre

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Pure Barre now has an official snack bar in Perfect Bar. The new collaboration includes Perfect Bar as the supporting partner of the 2023 Barre Stronger Challenge, among other things.

“The Original Refrigerated Protein Bar” Perfect Bar will soon have another official title — “The Official Fresh Snack of Pure Barre.” The new partnership between the healthy snack bar and the Xponential Fitness brand was announced in early December. It will kick off in January 2023 and continue for the rest of the year. Perfect Bar and Pure Barre’s collaboration will be initiated by a kickoff of “The Year of Bar(re) Giveaway,” in which one lucky individual will win a year’s supply of Perfect Bar and an annual Pure Barre membership. In addition, Perfect Bar will be the supporting partner of Pure Barre’s 2023 Barre Stronger Challenge

Both Pure Barre and Perfect Snacks are delighted to work together. They will be sharing their individual unique qualities within the other’s community throughout the coming new year. Pure Barre tells Athletech News, “For the Pure Barre community, fitness and balanced nutrition go hand-in-hand. Perfect Bar making eating a healthy snack before or after class convenient and tasty for our members!”

Perfect Bar, which Perfect Snacks Co-CEO and Co-Founder Leigh Keith says was founded on “whole-food ingredients, quality nutrition and convenient snacking,” adds these very same principles are flawlessly aligned with Pure Barre’s mission in fostering healthy living and wellness. “The collaboration of a protein-packed, fresh snack and low-impact workout makes this the perfect partnership for our team, and we’re excited to fuel the ambition of fans across the country, together,” Keith shares with Athletech News.   

As someone who eats a gluten-free diet, Pure Barre President Regan Stokes believes Perfect Bar is an ideal fit when it comes to a brand alliance for the fitness company. In a press release, she explains, “At Pure Barre, we inspire our members to live their healthiest, purest lives, and we recognize the importance of extending that mission beyond the walls of our studios…I wanted our team to find a snack partner that could fuel our members with fresh and wholesome ingredients. Perfect Bar was truly the perfect choice to make that goal a reality, and we look forward to all of the health-forward plans we have in store for members this year.”

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While Perfect Bar won’t be physically available to purchase at Pure Barre locations, there’s much to look forward to as the partnership continues throughout the coming year.

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