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Opinion: Peloton Delivery Delays, Employees Wellness Package, Meditation App’s 20K+ Good Reviews, Pricey Apps

Opinion: Peloton Delivery Delays, Employees Wellness Package, Meditation App’s 20K+ Good Reviews, Pricey Apps


Peloton Taps Brakes to Fix Delivery Woes
Finance | Wall Street Journal | Feb. 4, 2021 

Athletech’s Take: 
It wouldn’t be a Friday Cool Down without a mention of Peloton. Thursday, Peloton Interactive announced earnings that outperformed expectations. For the second quarter, the fitness tech company posted $1.06B in revenue and an adjusted EPS of $.18. This compares to consensus estimates of $1.03B in revenue and $.10 in EPS. Despite a stellar quarter and due to continued product demand, CEO Tom Foley had to address the company’s commitment to speeding up deliveries through supply chain investment in an open letter to members as Peloton delivery woes continued. It won’t be entirely incorrect to say Peloton delivery delays have tainted the company’s $1B+ quarter. While these additional investments in its supply chain will ease bottlenecks and appease customers, they could also weigh on the company’s profits.

Three Tips To Create Meaningful Wellness Packages During The Pandemic Era
Wellness | Forbes | Feb. 3, 2021

Athletech’s Take: 
The world’s workforce currently spans five-generations. This means HR professionals have the challenging task of meeting the varying expectations among these distinct groups. Crafting wellness plans to address these different generations is no simple feat. Sarah Skillin from the Forbes Human Resources Council provides three powerful tips to help employers craft relevant and comprehensive wellness packages for today’s employees.

20,000+ People Gave This “Life-Changing” Meditation App Rave Reviews
Mental Health | Shape | Jan. 30, 2021

Athletech’s Take: 
The emergence of meditation apps is on the rise. And while one might question the need for so many, the data would tell you otherwise. With approximately 50 to 70 million Americans struggling with sleep disorders (and that figure was pre-Covid), the plethora of apps feels warranted. The MyLife Meditation App differentiates itself among those out there by featuring personalized content and activities based on how users feel. A monthly membership to the MyLife platform costs $10, and an annual subscription is less than $60 (although this article does feature a hefty discount code). Our take, try it. 

Home workouts are getting expensive, as apps embrace pricey subscriptions
Finance | Washington Post | Jan. 22, 2021

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Athletech’s Take: 
While one might anticipate that the cost of exercise would come down with the migration to at home fitness, this is not the current case. Data pulled from mobile app analytics company Sensor Tower demonstrates that consumers in 2020 spent a whopping $167M in just the top five mobile fitness apps alone. That is a 40% increase from the year prior. Expensive at home equipment, new streaming platforms and wearable devices from the likes of Peloton, Apple and FitBit are all adding up fast.

Industry groups push for new tech solutions for nutrition incentive programs
Nutrition & Tech | Grocery Drive | Feb. 4, 2021 

Athletech’s Take: 
On Wednesday the National Grocers Association (NGA) and the Food Industry Association (FMI) issued a letter to food retailers, grocery wholesalers, national and state associations and nutrition incentive program providers asking them to support a new initiative to collaborate with POS system developers to create retail transaction and reporting solutions for nutrition incentive programs. These programs allow retailers to provide free or discounted produce items to consumers. While federal nutrition incentive programs have been gaining traction, technology to support these initiatives have failed to keep pace. 

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