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Melbourne Airport Adds Full-Service Gym Amid Wellness Travel Boom

Melbourne Airport Adds Full-Service Gym Amid Wellness Travel Boom

Higher State offers a full gym setup with personal training, group exercise, reformer Pilates and yoga, along with top-shelf recovery amenities

Australian flyers are trading neck pillows for bench press headrests, seats in a terminal for those on a bike and portable movie players for connected fitness consoles.

The Melbourne Airport just launched its first-ever health club and wellness center, called Higher State, a gym concept that will welcome travelers, hotel guests, airport staff and local community residents.

Higher State includes a full gym setup to house functional training, personal training, group exercise classes, reformer Pilates and yoga. It also includes a 25-meter indoor pool, infrared sauna, a meditation pod, compression recovery, virtual sessions and signature wellness treatments administered by a trained therapist.

credit: Higher State/Belgravia Leisure 

It’s a strong investment in health and wellness set to receive equally strong support, as Belgravia Leisure, an Australian health and fitness provider with over 60 clubs in Australia and New Zealand, will supervise the now up-and-running operation. 

It’s a justified investment as well, as Belgravia Leisure understands how taxing the flying experience can be. 

“It is well known that air passengers can be prone to undesirable effects on the body including fatigue, jet lag, insomnia and even digestive issues,” said Bree Melotte, a Belgravia Leisure wellness expert. “Our massages significantly boost circulation, increasing the blood flow meaning more oxygen is delivered to tired muscles, promoting faster recovery and a reduction in fatigue. Additionally, our compression recovery offering uses air to massage a traveler’s legs, glutes and lower back areas to provide a deep pressure and relaxing massage – the perfect post-flight care plan.”

credit: Higher State/Belgravia Leisure 

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Belgravia Leisure reports Higher State is within a walkable distance from the airport’s Terminal 4, residing in its new, duel-branded Novotel and ibis Styles hotels. 

Groundbreaking as this move may seem, it isn’t the first time someone’s attached wings to health and wellness. Roam Fitness launched a gym in Terminal F at the Philadelphia International Airport last year. United, meanwhile, recently reached a deal with Therabody to introduce the brand’s wellness tech products and devices to its international business class passengers. 

Simple Flying also reports five other cities with fitness centers in their airports, including Chicago and Vancouver, as of last summer. The rise in wellness-related travel and the added momentum in Melbourne argue it’s just the start of the airport gym boom.

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